15 January 2009

number 15

had a couple of days off. used it efficiently to drain out my miseries only to come back to work and see it all crashing down once again.

i disconnected. i didn't. i hid. i didn't. i made myself invisible but somehow they found me.

"s feb 1 nga pla h. "PARE" bnyag ni CALI"

and my stress-free days are officially over. time to be sick to my stomach and have this mindjob again. throw me a freakin' bone here.

so should i go or not? not going will mean i can't take it, that i'm too weak to accept things as it is, but on the other hand, going will seem that i can take it, but knowing i am honestly not yet ready, i'd probably act like i'm not myself.

in a blink of an eye.

this is blog number 15.

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