07 January 2009

number 9

i had a great sleep last night. i didn't wake up middle of the night haunted by her. i'd like to say a special thanks to the makers of san mig light, you made it happen.

so people might get mad at me for still having drinking sessions with my ex-future-brother-in-law, i don't care. friends want me to disconnect completely, but i can't. they are my friends after all. so did it help? i bit i guess. i was more calm and collected than he is. and i totally understand why. he is part of the family and wants to protect his own. he's old enough to know what's true and what's fake. we'll just have to wait and see if his intuitions are correct. i had the same intuition before but i convinced myself that she is no longer my responsibility and that worrying isn't worth it.

so before that i had the chance to meet-up with my college friends. yesterday was a weekday right? aren't i supposed to be at work? i called in sick, so judge me. i said to myself i needed the
day to let everything out and make tomorrow a better day. and it is. all i needed was to let it out. they said some stuff, i said another, i listened, i didn't listen. one thing is for sure, i took a step.

this is blog number 9.

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