13 February 2009

number 19

two times a dozen for two sizes up. one day away.

it was a rather interesting couple of weeks that passed. i went out on a couple of "friendly" dates, played a great game of basketball, went to my lola's place in tondo (the land of the brave), had a few drinks with a congressman, and oh yeah, i celebrated my birthday. whoop-ti-doo. ahh.. the sweet taste of sarcasm.

so what gives? why am i in a rather blogging mood? ding ding ding, we have a winner! no pun intended, there was no apostrophe before the word "ding."

i thought i was handling things quite well now. but why do i feel a cavity in my chest? everyone's happy that i've recovered. if you only knew. i was convinced myself that this was over and done. a little lie during dinner made me realize i was a fool. i was lying to myself.

i'm not back to where i started, i've made some steps forward, no question there. but i guess this is the "process," long, tiring, frustrating and fulfilling. the light at the end of the tunnel is still a mere dot, but it'll be bigger, slowly but surely.

oh and by the way, thanks to you who made my birthday special. thanks number 5!

this is blog number 19.

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