13 June 2009

chasing mercury

yet another dream, yet another nightmare. open my eyes only to go through the charade of a good day.

once in a while i find a few to keep me company. some coping with somewhat the same predicament and some just waiting for some laughs. and from time to time she keeps me company. the girl in powder blue while i remember you. how i wish the nights wont end because the sun melts the conversations then she's back to mum.

i spill and she listens intently. i touch her but she doesn't feel a thing. i look at her but she looks right through me, her eyes set to the old flame behind me. and i've seen this before. the future ain't bright, and the ending, a tragedy.

1 comment:

gene said...

who's she...? Am I missing anything...? Or do ko lang na- gets? hehe...