21 September 2009


the rain slams hard on rooftops as the sound resonates from the world i created bounded by my ears. halfway through a bottle of wine, i'm lost at finding the right words to echo my sentiments but at the same time hide it.

hands tied, i suddenly became the fool on the hill watching the world change before his eyes. screaming didn't help as the sound from my lungs was empty. struggling to get out only made my wrists sore as evidenced by the scars. might as well stay still and wait for salvation and vindication.

the streets won't be dry for a while.

20 September 2009


too young to hold on, too old to just break free and run

going down the winding street, ears covered with jeff buckley's haunting voice, i didn't mind the people, i looked up, wondering while wandering. i glanced at my watch and the small hand was already at four.

pushing sticks, dropping balls. bucket after bucket i drowned the forgotten. almost a year has passed yet the words still point north.

lonely is the room, the bed is made, the open window lets the rain in

there is nothing left to lose, i have lost everything. the thrill i get is short-lived, lasting only a few rounds, then goes back bland. the laughter is heard from across the room. it came from the inside, it came from me. volume down and it's me i hear, thinking what else do i need to do.

so (if) i'll wait for you... i'll burn, will I ever see your sweet return? oh will i ever learn?

no more can i take it, no more can i fake it. moving forward at full throttle, leaving everything behind. the friendships formed need to be cut. i already tried. some i can't even remember still follow me. oh how i wish i was born an asshole, then life would've been easier.

its not too late

06 September 2009


i lie awake, waiting for the sun
the wheels are turning but i got none
i lost year one
i lost the one

i looked around, there's nowhere to run
the wheels are turning but i got none
heart and mind spun
pulled the trigger of the gun

moving forward ain't no fun
the wheels are turning but i got none
tasks are done
i am done