19 November 2009


with no one interested to listen, this page will soak my spill. everybody seems to be in the middle of their own personal battles, winning and losing, the outcome of the war still uncertain.

i tested the water and it's cold. might as well be the funny guy and just let it all be. i can't say i didn't try. i did. but it was darn too soon, and the way i handled it was too darn stupid. looking back, i can't believe i said those stupid words however true they were. half a year later and it's a different ballgame. different maybe to the home team but nothing new to the visitors. just another game to play. check that. just another game not to play. that sounds just about right. i really wanted to comfort her, but the mere gesture will probably make her uncomfortable. holding back the prince charming effect was no match to her frailty damsel in distress ways.

i look left and i look right, distracting myself at the prize never meant to be mine. the left i believe is relatively easier but the repercussions heavier. i'm no thief. the right is still undefined. the link triggered but the connection still pending.