28 October 2011

are they really Big Better Burgers?

yes, i'm a burger guy. from roadside ten peso burgers to big towering signature burgers of different establishments. i've been seeing BBB outlets lately and wanted to check if they really are "better" burgers.
i ordered their basic one third pounder with cheese. the packaging was good, a simple wrap with a BBB sticker but though bigger than a burger mcdo, or yum burger, i was underwhelmed when i saw it. as a patron of big macs, champs, whoppers, and other big burgers, i was expecting "bigger" or at least "big" as per my burger vocabulary.

better? i would rank the BBB one third pounder with cheese below mcdonald's double cheeseburger, and way below the burgers of crave, wham, brothers, and hotshots (not in particular order). i'm trying to recall how the BBB one third pounder with cheese tasted but it just didn't leave an impression on me. is it because it was closing time? still, the restaurant name called for high expectations. sadly mine was not met.

good news is, BBB still have a lot of other burgers left for me to try. bad news is, they have to wait in line as i try other premium burgers first.

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