15 October 2011

Friday the 14th Misadventure

it was friday the 14th and it's our 19th 14 together. a dinner and movie date seems just about right for the occasion. we tried the kansi at inasal at iba pa and it was not bad at all. my girlfriend enjoyed the soup and ranked it third next to the one we had at boracay and another at taverna luna. needless to say she needed another cup of rice. the chicken was just your typical inasal chicken. the paa and pecho tastes like the ones served on bacolod chicken inasal or mang inasal less the chicken oil.

we were choosing between 3 films: real steel, the other woman, and what's your number. we gave the underdog a shot. afterall, all we need is a predictable, funny, feel good movie. what we didn't expect was that there are only four of us in the theater. after some laughs and a lesson, the lights were turned on and we were surprised that the other couple watching was nowhere to be found. a little bit creepy since we didn't see them go out. it was a creepy, funny, awesome experience having the theater all to ourselves. just like we rented the place exclusively.

after the movie, we parted ways. she took a cab, while i took a jeep to cubao and then from there a bus to valenzuela. the jeep was the usual patok jeep that plies the stop n' shop - marikina route.  it was pumping up hiphop beats in the middle of a sleeping metropolis but no one seems to care. i put on my ipod (thanks steve) with in ear headphones enjoying the sounds of the awesome cut copy (look it up).

i still had my ipod on when i transferred to the bus. i sat beside a lady in the front seat of the bus. she got off somwehere around north ave and then a guy took her seat. the guy had the typical manggagawang pilipino look most probably in his early 40s. he had a huge blue bag in his lap and seemed harmless. but i was bothered by the blue bag in his lap. for years, my simple strategy to find out crooks is to look for their hands. if i can see them then i am safe. but with this guy, i could only see his right hand. i immediately held my bag closer and checked all my valuables discreetly. everything was still there. i felt a few nudges but it didn't feel troublesome enough to make a scene. the guy got off in balintawak. when i got to my stop and started walking, i felt something's not right with my bag.

and there it was, 2 slices at the bottom left of my bag. the slices were too clean to assume that it was just a sharp object that accidentally cut through my bag. that son-of-a-b*tch! i checked once again if there's something missing in my bag. everything was still good except for the bag. the expensive bag my girlfriend gave me for my birthday.

i'm still thankful though that nothing bad happened or at least nothing worse than a torn bag. though the bag holds sentimental value, it could still be replaced. Not like a life that once taken can never be replaced.

thank you God i'm still here writing. happy 19th!

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