16 October 2011

the king of blank CDs and everything else

there used to be a time when pirated cd's didn't have the tag "pirated." compilation cd's were presumed original as they were still expensive and some even have great covers. remember cruisin' and contagion? after a while, prices started to go down as more and more people got their own cd writers but only a few sell blank cd's. enter CD-R King.

as i got hold of my own cd writer, i just can't wait to burn away almost everything. i need to get to cd-r king fast. there were only a couple of branches back then, one in virra mall, greenhills and another in quad (bet you young kids don't know where that is or was). when i got there i bought 100 blank cd's with a soccer ball design for my "business." as one of the few mp3 officionados during that time, i had an edge as to burning mp3s to cd's as per request of my customers. my eyes were peso signs thanks to cd-r king.

nowadays it seems like it's part of the modern life. where did you buy your last usb flash drive? usb is a type of connection, not the flash drive itself. please label accordingly. where did you buy your mouse? your keyboard? more often than not, it's cd-r king. they now want to be part of everything in your house or office. from a usb powered tranquility fountain to even a lighted tweezer. sometimes you just happen to pass by a cd-r king outlet and double-take because you saw something that made no sense being included in cd-r king's portfolio. sometimes you forget that they're selling blank cd's as well if not for the store name.

they now have more than 100 branches nationwide. and who haven't experience the cd-r king service? a huge "Please Fall in Line" is prominently displayed but then again you look around and ask "is there even a line?" you stand there and wait for someone to move, trying to make sense of the sign and what you see. then suddenly one saleslady looks at you and says "sa kanila?"

with the success of the king of blank CDs and everything else, it's hard to imagine that they still have manual processing of payments and official receipts. by now there should even be a CD-R King brand cash register. the lines would move faster and people will be more at ease visiting the store. i just read an fb status asking if cd-r king ladies were not allowed to smile. it's chaos behind the counters, one takes your order, brings your payment to another, and while you wait for your change the saleslady writes on the receipt, the warranty stickers, opens the item, puts the sticker, all this while she hands you the pen for you to write your name,  address and signature on the receipt (i'm even part of the process) and then she gets your change from that other lady and then puts all your stuff in a yellow cd-r king plastic bag. did you even follow that? i broke a sweat just writing that.

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