12 October 2011

Late Night is my CNN

for the better part of my college years, i would sleep not sooner than 1am since i have to wait for that leno guy finish his old unfunny jokes till midnight. then conan comes in, saves the day and then a quick "bye everybody bye" would put me to sleep. i've been a conan fan since way way back. and after waiting for like 5 years for him to take over the tonight show, i was hyped. it's a well deserved honour for conan plus i get to sleep an hour earlier.

after waiting a few months, there it was. it's no longer late night with conan o'brien, it's the tonight show with conan o'brien. but nothing changed in philippine cable schedules, it was the same old shit. leno and the bald guy at 11, conan and max at 12. what the f*** is going on?

then came the second coming of the late night wars. leno was such an ass that he took back something he gave back years back. then bearded conan was gone. the only consolation was that jimmy fallon was holding his own when he took over late night. not to mention the roots which is awesome.

conan then got a new gig at tbs but my thirst for late night was gone. from time to time i would come home late and catch my sister watching conan or jimmy. i wouldn't get their jokes. i can't understand what they were talking about. and i came with a realization. late night was my cnn.

it was from conan that i get news. his monologues would be recent events worthy of jokes. or not. it's funny just the same. but then when i won't get the joke, i would look it up just to get in on the joke. so recently i downloaded a bunch of conan and jimmy fallon shows to catch up and my daily commute was no longer excruciating. i also got to know a few stuff that wouldn't normally be part of your 24 oras or tv patrol. i found out that there was this old lady who's booby popped out at dancing with the stars, that arnold schwarzenegger commissioned 3 statues of him to be built in california, and that in a recent study obese people now outnumber hungry people, to which the obese people said "hey, we're hungry too!"

now that's news i enjoyed!

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