27 October 2011


it was really unfortunate that the hostage crisis last august 2010 happened on PNoy's watch. it was during a time when confidence in the philippines was being restored through the show of a clean and transparent government. suddenly, the philippines was once again on world headlines but for the wrong reasons. the bad rep that the philippines got was only softened a bit by our miss universe bet and our world renowned singers and boxers.

a year past, PNoy's approval rating is still on the positive which is good news for everyone. though some might say that he is not fit for president, i would rather have a clean averagely qualified president than a corrupt accomplished politician. mistakes will be made but how we learn from it is the most important. show of hands who here thinks another hostage crisis would end the same way the last one did?

i'm still not 100% sure of PNoy's capabilities to pull the philippines up from the world's footstool but i'm giving him my 100% support. i can certainly feel the change in the atmosphere. just this week, i received an email from 2 companies, 1 from hongkong and another from taiwan, wanting to invest in the philippines. this was a week after another company from pakistan contacted us to discuss business opportunities in the philippines.

now is the best time to put our best foot forward and fulfill the filipino dream. opportunities are coming in fast, it's best not to waste them. though some classless up-to-no-good politicians still remain, it's always up to us if we will allow ourselves to be taken advantaged of once again.

if this malaysian is very confident of the philippine's rise to power, i don't think there's no reason we filipinos should not believe in our beloved philippines.

here's the article on yahoo:

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