02 November 2011

buy and sell

it was on the dying days of friendster when i first saw an ad of ayosdito.ph, a buy and sell site in the philippines. it has been second nature to me to ignore such ads, particularly those that pop up and covers my entire screen. aside from the fact that these ads are annoying, they also have a bad reputation of being sources of viruses and trojan horses. recently, ayosdito.ph was posted as a sponsored ad on facebook, offering ipads and iphones upon registration. officemates noticed and asked me if the ad is true, if they could really win if they join. of course they could. but i wouldn't bet on it. to me, ads like these are better ignored, offering something you don't need. or so i thought.

my girlfriend is moving back to her hometown in palawan and wanted to sell some appliances she won't be needing anymore. i posted an ad on sulit.com.ph, one of the most popular buy and sell sites in the philippines. just type anything on google.com.ph and more often than not, part of the top search results would include a search on sulit.com.ph. however, the site is too crowded for sellers, sometimes spamming your search results. around 5 ads offering the same item, with different prices or descriptions, done by the same seller. i tried looking for the ad that i posted but could only find it on my dashboard.

with not much luck on sulit, i tried posting on ayosdito.ph. their website is pretty basic and log-in is integrated with facebook (as with almost everything on the internet). only downside is that when you connect with your facebook account, you authorize them to share a "Ron is using ayosdito.ph" type of post on your wall which is very sneaky. not cool. other than that (i deleted the post right away), posting is smooth and user friendly. the morning after i got no less than 8 inquiries, i was quite sure the messages were generated from my ayosdito.ph ad rather than from my sulit ad. i checked my sulit dashboard and saw an insignificant increase on ad views. last night i posted an ad at ayosdito.ph again and just this morning, inquiries were flooding my inbox that i had to put the ad down while i attend to the inquiries one by one.

i was surprised to find out that none of my facebook friends have posted in ayosdito.ph. either they don't have anything to sell or they're just like me before i gave it a try. the facebook connectivity is a good feature as i could see what my facebook friends are selling. this would help first time online buyers that are skeptical of the online market buying from people, whom i presume, they would trust.

i would totally recommend ayosdito.ph over sulit.com.ph for all your buy and sell needs.

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