14 November 2011

figaro bakes

it was the day before my girlfriend went home to palawan. we were supposed to meet at gateway at around 3pm. i got there on time but the heavy traffic at aurora swallowed up her time. our time. i originally planned on waiting at starbucks to at least add another sticker for that overrated planner but all tables were already taken. i then decided to look for another coffee house and settled finally at figaro.

the coffee shop was small, cramped even, but somehow it adds to the ambiance. gives it more of a local neighborhood coffee shop feel rather than a commercial one. i got a seat near the window with not much to see except a strip of the sky, a quarter dome of the coliseum, and roofs of the shops below. it's a view nonetheless.

i ordered a 16oz cafe latte, already feeling the need for caffeine. that morning's sales meeting made me tired and sleepy. then i asked the cashier for something light on the menu. she suggested i tried their bakes. i asked her what it was, already feeling drowsy i thought it might be muffins or other baked goodies, and she said something like bread with melted cheese and choice of toppings. she had me at melted cheese so i ordered one and had mushrooms to top it off.

it's always nice to see designs on your coffee. it's even nicer to have great food beside it. just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water. the bakes are so good that i had to eat them slowly so that i can enjoy it longer. i'm usually a fast eater, i eat big burgers in 3 minutes, 5 tops. add a dash of hot sauce to that bake and the flavors play inside your mouth beautifully. take a bite at that cucumber in the middle to neutralize your tastebuds and then have another go on the next slice. it was a good thing that figaro gateway wifi was fast, the only thing that distracted me from devouring all four baguettes at once was youtube clips of conan (who else?).

oh, and my girlfriend arrived around 1-2 hours later but i didn't mind. not at all.

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