15 November 2011


i haven't seen good philippine tv in a while and now i'm religiously following this GMA drama. no, not the network, of course i meant the ex-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. i just watched the Arroyos go into NAIA, put on a show and then get burned by immigration.

as soon as i caught the tweet announcing the TRO on the watchlist order of the DOJ, i got hooked. for days i've seen and heard different sides on the watchlist order whether its unconstitunional or not. the problem with the law is that it has loopholes, and to be perfectly honest, i believe both sides are right. it's just a matter of interpretation of the law. that being said, what are we arguing about here? the right to travel? do you honestly think that a normal filipino would experience the same? ramona bautista got away easy. though in all news network headlines, she is not of national interest. but cGMA is.

are we arguing about not respecting the supreme court's decision? should we not also respect the procedures of our executive branch? i was following this story on twitter and was relieved when i read that the SC cashier did not receive the 2M bond since they have yet to be furnished a copy of the TRO. i thought that was the end of it. i was surprised that the Arroyo's still got their receipt. it's way past office hours, i was following this already on my way home. would a normal citizen be given this privilege too?

it was really nice to see that though hounded by critics, secretary De Lima is standing firm on her decision. she was even taking full responsibility, not afraid of contempt charges. i'm starting to like her. let's not be stupid here, should GMA's nationally televised "i am sorry" enough to make us forget all her evil? shouldn't that be more reason for us to make her pay? she admitted she cheated! and now as if on queue, she pops up out of nowhere right after the travel ban is "lifted" dying to get out of the country immediately, on a budget airline no less. flight is a sign of guilt as they say.

where's the people power now? if GMA leaves, doesn't that warrant a protest from the filipino people? the right to life, the highest in the constitution was given, i believe, to the former president. if she they still argue that the Philippines doesn't have the facilities (which we do have) to treat her then they should be to blame. more than anyone, she should feel confident in our country's healthcare. what did she do for healthcare in her more than 8 years in office?

and that "horn" should be bitchslapped for telling too many stories that i almost fell asleep during the presscon. just saying.

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