20 November 2011

a great burger in an unlikely house

it was an ordinary sunday with my family and we decided to have lunch at pancake house. browsing through the menu, all i wanted was a typical rice meal or a sandwich. i never really thought about burgers in a restaurant with pancakes in their name. i ordered a potato salad and a clubhouse sandwich. my mother ordered the jumbo house burger and soon as i heard it, i instantly changed my mind and ordered the same. she had me at jumbo. my mother, being a mother, gave way and changed her order to a sandwich.

i really wasn't expecting much. again, this was a restaurant known for pancakes and not burgers. i was surprised that they even have a promo for the jumbo house burger. you can have the burger at Php290 already with fries, salad, and drinks, boasting Php20 savings. and if that saving isn't enough, you'll also get an "I  Love to Save" canister for every order. it's a coin bank that looks like a coke in can.

the savings part was already a good sign. when the burger came, my expectations heightened. the presentation was to blame. i'm used to eating burgers that are either neatly wrapped or on a plate with a toothpick to keep it upright. in pancake house, the jumbo burger also has a toothpick but only to hold the burger in such a way that you'll have full view of all the goodness in between the buns.

the 1/3 pound patty was indeed juicy and delicious. with mushrooms, bacon, cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers, one bite is a party in your mouth. i couldn't even remember what kind of salad was on the side, i was too focused on savoring the jumbo burger. this burger is definitely much much better than the one i had at BBB although this one is pricier. had this been less than Php200, it would be a steal and i would've dropped by pancake house more often.

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cheerieridol said...

haha! i love pancake house! though when i eat there, i order pinoy food (which kinda makes me feel like i'm doing something wrong coz, you know, it's a pancake house so i better order pancakes, $h*t like that). will definitely try that burger, i hope it's still on a promo when i get back! :)))))