30 November 2011

heaven's paella

thanks to the demolition of the ACS building, our saturday lunch is now filled with uncertainty. the building used to house the old reliable jollibee wherein saturday after saturday i order the 2-piece chickenjoy and get bottomless refills of gravy. i never get tired of that crispy chicken skin, and now thanks to this blog i'm craving for it. now that its gone, we started to explore different restaurants around our building. last saturday, we had barbeque paella at heaven's barbeque.

heaven's barbeque at malugay st.
i was planning on ordering a typical barbeque rice meal but the promo sign at the counter caught my attention. they were offering a barbeque paella for php545. i did the math and convinced the other 4 who were with me at that time to take it. the paella had 4 barbeque sticks, 2 chicken wings, 1 pork chop and 1 liempo on top and already comes with drinks good for 5.

it took quite some time to serve our order that we almost ran out of stories to tell each other. when it came, it smelled good though it was unfortunate that it was served on a big stainless tray that looks like a kitchen sink. the dish was served with barbeque sauce and atchara, both complimenting the barbeque nicely. the rice was a bit oily though and tastes like the average java rice.

the dish is actually good for its price although parting the barbeque equally for a group of five is challenging. even if you cut the 2 chicken wings in half, you'll only get four pieces out of it leaving one without chicken. the heaven's paella would fit nicely for a group of four people however, the price wouldn't. 

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