13 November 2011

KBOP: not a big Deal

maybe it was from watching too many korean drama series that my mother suddenly craved for korean food. when asked where we should eat, she would always say "anything korean." i then saw an deal on metrodeal.com for "Unique Flavors of Korea with KBOP's Delicious 4 Course Set Meals" at 50% Off. i purchased a voucher right away and happily told my mother. after waiting more than 2 weeks for the voucher to be valid, we finally had the chance to taste KBOP's flavors of korea.

it was a quiet Eidul Adha in Mckinley Hills. we arrived only a few minutes before noon but there were only a handful of people at The Venice Piazza. we came in at KBOP as their first customers which had my mother doubt the popularity, and hence the taste, of the restaurant. we ordered the set meal number 3 and added a couple more dishes. set 3 includes Kbop chicken, tuboo chorim (braised tofu), seafood pancake, korean Gyoza, 5 cups of rice, and a pitcher of iced tea. to add, we ordered  the kbop lechon and tomi chim plus a couple of servings of kimchi.

the food was not that bad, i particularly enjoyed the kbop lechon, though the rice served is more filipino than korean. it's only a bit better than the typical nfa rice. the chicken tastes like chicken charlie as my sister said. the steamed fish (tomi chim) lacked flavor but the rest of the food was okay.

it was only after we finished eating that my sister found out that the deal we had wasn't really a deal but a regular promo. apparently, the 50% off on set meals was available for everybody and not exclusive for metrodeal. although the term exclusive is not included on the metrodeal ad for kbop. i was a bit dissapointed as i was again duped by the deal countdown. the kbop menu, which boasts of the promo, even looks old and worn out which means the deal has been in existence for quite some time. looking back, the staff even had the audacity to ask if we had prior reservations for the voucher when in fact we could just walk in and order the same without any fuss.

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