09 November 2011

Slice N Dice: bare t-boned

it was a year back when i started noticing slice n' dice outlets. they were offering steaks for as low as 99 pesos. their locations were a bit inconvenient, reason why it was only when they opened a store in the nearby sm valenzuela that i got to try their steak.

when i see the word "steak," it's almost impossible for the typical filipino to incorporate the word "sizzling." i grew up with sizzling plates in food courts and even in our highschool canteen. back in the day we also tried the steak town restaurant along west ave. when i saw the slice and dice outlets, that's what i imagined the menu would be like, different kind steaks but with a better-than-foodcourt type of atmosphere. sadly, you could memorize the menu due to the lack of choices, it was almost all t-bone!

char grilled steak choices include: t-bone steak, garlic steak, and steak ala pobre. this can be easily translated to: plain, with gravy and fried garlic, and with gravy, fried garlic and mushroom. oh and there's a t-bone junior in the menu too by the way. there are other choices as well, as indicated in their website, such as salpicao, chicken, and pork tenderloin. it's either unavailable or unapetizing, i want my steaks!

i ordered the steak ala pobre or the one with gravy, garlic, and mushroom. my order comes with soup, cream of mushroom i think, but tastes more "gawgaw" than mushroom. plus, it comes in a tiny cup, slightly bigger than a shot glass. my order came and was suprised that it came in a plastic plate. i was looking for the sizzle or at least better dinnerware. the fried garlic was not complimenting my steak. i felt like it's more suited on top of congee than in that t-bone. the steak itself is so-so.

i won't be going back to slice n dice in the near future even if i'm craving for t-bones. the steaks on the foodcourts are much better and offer more varieties, not to mention it's a little bit more affordable than this wannabe steakhouse.


cheerieridol said...

wow, they've branched out to valenzuela! haha! i've eaten there twice, i liked their cheese mussels or whatever they were called. :) try that. ;-)

Ron Go said...

a glimmer of hope perhaps? i'll try it if it's free =)

Anonymous said...

Actually serving steaks on a sizzling plate is a big no-no, it tends to overcook the meat and dries it out.