17 March 2012

5 months with my Samsung Galaxy Y

I got my Samsung Galaxy Y last October and somehow forgot my rants about it. After 5 months of everyday use, I find it to be just right for me. The battery is good, lasting more than 2 days (texting and a few calls) with minimal use and a little more than a day with heavy use (wi-fi always on and/or watching movies). It gives me a good (though not great) picture quality watching movies or TV series. The camera is just right. I don't actually need it since I own a digital camera. The size is not too bulky, can fit comfortably in my pocket. And finally, the Android market can really beef up your phone without burning a hole in your pocket and you don't need to break out of jail.

Here are some of my recommended apps for your samsung galaxy y. All free of course.

1. MX Video
     There used to be a time when video formats are all either mpeg or avi. For whatever reason, people came up with a lot of different video types maybe for a smaller file size or maybe just to give people a hard time. The built-in media player of the samsung galaxy y cannot play all file types particularly .mkv files. I've downloaded and tried a lot of video players from the Android market and my final choice was MX video for its simplicity and versatility. Unfortunately, with the limited resolution of the  Samsung Galaxy Y, you really cant watch a 720p x264 video as it will lag or it will play choppy.

2. Dolphin Browser and Opera Mini
     Why would I download 2 browsers? Here's why. You use Dolphin browser if you want to browse as if using a laptop or a tab for a better browsing experience, preferably on wi-fi or time based 3G rate. On the other hand, you use Opera Mini if you're on a per kb 3G browsing rate or if you just want a really fast browser.

3. GO Launcher
     This launcher makes your dull samsung home screen to whatever you like. You can download different themes or even create your own.

4. GO SMS Pro
     This app makes texting more easy on the eyes. It also has different themes you can download on the app market.

5. App 2 SD
     Install your programs on your SD instead of on your phone memory to save internal storage space.

6. Facebook
     What's a smartphone without a Facebook app?

7. Twitter
     Again, what's a smartphone without a Twitter app?   

8. Viber
     Talk to your friends for free! Currently operates on Android and iPhone only (sorry BB users, they're still working on it) and requires internet connection.

9. WhatsApp
     Chat with your friends for free! BB users are welcomed here.

10. Anything goes
      Almost every week I browse the Android market checking out the latest apps. Usually previously iphone exclusive apps. There's still a lot of good stuff there that I haven't tried yet. Some I tried but never really felt the need for it. I downloaded a Pinoy Henyo app wherein you place your phone on the contestant's forehead and the random word will scroll on it. Games such as SpeedCar and Move the Box are quite good. An lastly, download Magic 8 Ball just in case you need a decision maker in your life.

One more thing: Don't install video players and SMS apps on your SD, install them on your internal storage. Reason for this is every time you connect your phone to your computer via USB, your SD card installed programs will be unaccessible and you'll always have to re-assign that program as default once you're done.

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