10 March 2012

Go Palawan (DIY Expenses vs Packaged Tours)

Here's a tabulation of what you can expect to spend going to Puerto Princesa for the Underground River Tour and Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour. As mentioned in my entry Go Palawan! we were lucky enough to have irene's family van take us around which cut our van transfer costs by more than Php2,000.00. I'll post their contact info once their travel and tours permits are ready.

Go Underground River

                                                  DIY (6pax)        DIY/person     Packaged (6pax)

Packaged Tour/person
Airfare (Promo) Php5,570.40 Php928.40 Php5,570.40 Php928.40
Terminal Fee Php1,200.00 Php200.00 Php1,200.00 Php200.00
Accomodation (3D2N)* Php7,200.00 Php1,200.00 Php23,400.00 Php3,900.00
Underground River Tour

  Van Transfer Php3,500.00 Php583.33 inclusive inclusive
  Boat Rental Php700.00 Php116.67 inclusive inclusive
  Entrance Fee Php1,050.00 Php175.00 inclusive inclusive
  Terminal Fee

Php108.00 Php18.00 inclusive inclusive
  Buffet Lunch  Php3000.00 Php250.00 inclusive inclusive
Honda Bay Tour

  Van Transfer Php1,500.00 Php250.00 inclusive inclusive
  Boat Rental Php1,300.00 Php216.67 inclusive inclusive

  Terminal Fee Php108.00 Php18.00 inclusive inclusive
  Isla Pandan Entrance Fee Php300.00 Php50.00 inclusive
  Pabmato Reef Entrance Fee  Php300.00 Php50.00 inclusive
  Luli Island Entrance Fee  Php300.00 Php50.00 inclusive inclusive
  Packed Lunch Php900.00 Php150.00 inclusive inclusive
Kalui Dinner Php1,200.00 Php200.00 Php1,200.00 Php,200.00
Bona's Chao Long Php720.00 Php120.00 Php720.00 Php120.00
PP Airport Terminal Fee Php240.00 Php40.00 Php240.00 Php40.00
                        TOTAL Php27,696.40 Php4,616.07 Php32,333.40 Php5,188.40

*Marianne Home Inn Package

You can opt to rent tricycles rather than a van for your Honda Bay transfer which would lessen your Island hopping costs but a van is much more comfortable.

It's really up to you if you want a DIY Tour of Puerto Princesa. As you can see in the tabulation, difference per person is just around Php500. If you're the type that wants everything taken cared of, I suggest you take the Packaged Tours. However, it's also a great experience to Do-It-Yourself, plus you'll save a few hundred bucks!

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