20 March 2012

The Jimmy Sieczka Apology

I posted my thoughts on Jimmy Sieckza a few days ago on my blog entry Man of the Hour: Jimmy Sieczka and I don't know why but somehow I get him and what he's trying to say. Maybe It's the endless hours watching The Simpsons, Southpark, Family Guy, and American Dad that I was familiar Jimmy's style and what he's trying to say.

Jimmy issued an apology which is relatively new since only 340 viewed it compared to the 115,999 views of the dislike video. He looks devastated in the video, probably due to the fact that half of the country doesn't dislike him but worse hate him and wants him out. Or maybe it's part of the show. I don't know. But I hope filipinos would accept his apology because afterall, Jimmy is not the problem.

Here's the link to Jimmy's apology: http://channelfix.com/video/286/

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