16 March 2012

Man of the hour: Jimmy Sieczka

The name Jimmy Sieczka has now become a household name all of a sudden. From one facebook post I saw a few of days ago, he's now got the whole Philippines talking about him. He's even featured on Yahoo! Philippines as the DOT took notice. Comments flooded the facebook posts about him and is mostly dominated by the "get the hell out of my country" type. So what gives?

Many people were eager to hear what negative things he had to say that some never took the time to read the description which reads:

" If you think really hard, I'm sure you can come up with a couple reasons not to like something. In the land he loves so much, let Jimmy take you on a lighthearted tour of the negative aspects of living in a crowded country located at the earth's equator. On the flip side, check out 20 Reasons I Love _____. (the Philippines) at: http://channelfix.com/video/109/."

Below is the infamous video 20 Reasons I Dislike _____. (the Philippines):

The same group of guys also created a video that is the opposite of the video above. Both uploaded by a certain Michael Goodman. Only a few would notice the tone of the titles. The video above used the term "dislike" and not "hate" while the other video used "love" instead of "like."

Here's a link to their video 20 Reasons I Love _______. (the Philippines): http://channelfix.com/video/109
(I originally embedded the video here but was on autoplay and is quite annoying simultaneously playing with the video above. I couldn't get it fixed so just click the link)

Many things Jimmy said on the video are true though some are not. But not absolutely, I mean I'm giving my own opinion here. I disagree with the part about lady boys but I agree with the useless frisking before entering  a mall. Need I remind you that 2 shooting incidents happened inside a mall that requires inspection before entry. How did those guns get in there? The peeing everywhere is more of a love-hate relationship. It's featured in both videos. I for one hate it when people do it everywhere but I'm thankful that I can do it anywhere when I can't hold it no more.

It's just unfortunate that Jimmy is not a local. I understand the hate towards him but would people hate me too if I made a video about things that I want to improve in the Philippines? I already talked about trash and I wouldn't be surprised to get a hate reaction if i was a foreigner. On the bright side, I'm quite happy he made the video. Now that his video is on the radar of most filipinos, more and more people are acknowledging the fact that most of his dislikes are true. And if we really want Jimmy to shut up, we can do 2 things: fix the things he mentioned or shower him with more reasons to love the Philippines that he forgets what he dislikes about it. Getting him out isn't the solution. Once he's out, some crackhead can easily come up with a similar video and the cycle continues.

Let's make the Love video as viral as the dislike video. Share the link: http://channelfix.com/video/109

March 20 update: The Jimmy Sieczka Apology


cheerieridol said...

This guy just wants to be famous. Probably can't snag popularity with his current video blogs, so an attack on a country he's living in seemed to be solution.

Some people pay attention only to the story/so-called facts and not the presentation, which is an even louder story on its own. For me, that's the real story behind this video. The way this video is told, his entire script, radiates hate and not a subtle dislike. And it's disheartening how some people miss that.

In the security guard scenes, I took note not of their failure to properly frisk someone with US-TSA quality but how he filmed his laugh with the face of that guard in front of him. The guard looked like he didn't know what to do, or why a camera was in his face, but he still let the douchebag film the scene.

You're right, if you complained about the same things he did, it won't generate that much chaos online. Because it would sound as though you are calling for change and not spelling "I hate my country." There's a huge difference between pointing out flaws & demanding for reform and simply attacking the sensibilities of a nation.

And I don't like that "Love" video, either. If you looked closely, there's a lot of subliminal angles that suggest further "dislike" for Pinas.

Sorry for flooding your comment box! Haha. I respect your opinion, but felt the need to point out some things as well. Feel free to delete! =P

Ron Go said...

all opinions are welcomed here! =) as long as you wont upload a video or do a blog entitled 20 things i dislike about "the misadventures of roni g" then comments like these wont be deleted haha

cheerieridol said...

HAHA! None of that, of course. =P I happen to like your blog. =)

Anonymous said...

DP writes: By way of brief background, I'm an American, presently residing in the States. I've spent a lot of time in the Philippines, and have deep personal ties there. I've lived and worked abroad quite a bit, was a US Peace Corps volunteer (in Korea) and, as such, I think I have a pretty good feel for matters including international understanding, and cultural sensitivity.

I'd be the first to defend Sieczka's natural right to voice his opinions freely. I'm a proponent of broad freedom and tolerance in the marketplace of ideas. As a wise philosopher once said, it is easier to decide what is "true" and "right", when one can readily compare the truth to what is false and wrong.

As for what's "wrong" with the video, I'd say mainly it is in the area of packaging. He touches on real and legitimate issues, but fumbles by presenting them so poorly. I'd wager that few serious thinkers will be swayed by Sieczka's flippant style, and rough language. I'm no prude...I'm simply not impressed by such tactics. .

I can point out potholes in the streets of the Philippines but...to what end? He offers no particular insights into "why this is so", or "what can be done". I gather he has lived in the Philippines for a few years, yet his script could have been written by most any literate college-aged backpacker who has spent a few weeks there. And, Sieczka's fashion choice hurts his case, too. That t-shirt he sports might go over favorably with, perhaps, South Park fans, or drunken college kids. To me, the opening scene of his video, and that shirt, simply screamed: “I am not to be taken seriously”.

I happen to have a strong and sometimes perverse sense of humor, yet I don’t find any of this video to be truly funny, really. These are well-worn topics, and comments.

There is nothing new or insightful here, and that’s a particularly glaring failure for a film maker who has lived in the Philippines for years.