11 March 2012

Moving In

We've moved!

After weeks of  sweating the idea of having my own domain name, I finally did it. I am now the proud owner of www.roni-g.com digitally delivered today via Google. I have always thought that having your own dot com address is pricey but I spent less than Php500 (10USD to be exact) for a year's registration. That's even cheaper than buying a McSavers Cheeseburger every month. A ".ph" however, is much more expensive, offering their domains at 3 times the price of a ".com." I'll stick with the ".com" for now.

The process wasn't easy though. The hardest part was coming up with a name that is unique as you and luckily not registered yet. I was surprised that names that I thought was uniquely me were already taken. Thanks to decades of the internet's existence, many domain names are already registered and if sometimes available are still up for grabs costing more than double the normal rate. Who would've thought there was already a www.ron2ron.com? It's also disappointing that some of the addresses you wished available were left for dead, updated centuries ago with empty promise of adding more content in the future. Better get yours now!

My final 3 choices were ron2go.com, ron-go.com, and roni-g.com. Obviously roni-g.com ended up the winner. This came after a small poll from my friends and the fact that I found out recently that more than 5 years ago, I already chose "roni-g" for my livejournal subdomain.

This move makes me one step closer to my goal of financial freedom, hopefully making my site more easily accessible and more visible, pitching in to my income flow while sharing my misadventures. All proceeds of this site, I'll immediately inject to the Philippine Stock Market, helping both the economy and myself.

More on my Philippine Stock Market experience later.

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