03 March 2012

Pick and Pawn

History shows I hated history. During my elementary and my highschool days, I dreaded the history exams. All my grades were decent except for my history class. I couldn't care less about dates and what not. I didn't care who killed who or who conquered what country. I just didn't care.

Years forward and I'm a fanatic of history. I don't know exactly what triggered my passion for history but maybe my desire to travel and learn about everything about the world we live in combined with my fixation with knowledge channels on cable is the culprit. Now I'm hooked with the History Channel particularly the shows The Pickers and Pawn Stars.

The Pickers are a couple of guys going around the US picking items they believe have a historical value which in turn would mean a considerable monetary value. Upon seeing interesting items, the show would display some fun facts about the item then negotiations between the sellers and the pickers take place. The show would then display the picked value and the estimated selling value giving you and estimate amount of profit the guys would get. Pawn Stars is pretty much the same concept but instead of going around the US, people around the US go to them to sell what they think are items of value. cha-ching!

I would love to pick items all over the world and sell them for a profit. Travelling, finding interesting stuff, learning new things, and earning money. Now that's a job! 

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