22 March 2012

Pimp Your Metrobank Credit Card

Old (top) and New (bottom)
I remember a few years ago I applied for a BPI credit card and got rejected for some reason. Nowadays, getting a credit card is fairly easy.  Open a deposit account and that bank will issue you a credit card without even applying for it. In conventions, agents are everywhere convincing you to get a card with only one valid ID as requeirement. I can have as many as 6 credit cards, aside from the weekly calls offering more, but I only use 3: HSBC, Citibank, and Metrobank.

Of the three, I rarely use my Metrobank card compared to the other two and I think I might use it even less now that I'm afraid I'll ruin my awesome personalized card thanks to designmycard.com.ph.

My old Metrobank card is pretty beat up. Rarely used but jammed into my wallet, it's almost splitting in half. The timing couldn't get any better as I chanced upon this free service of Metrobank. I immediately went to www.designmycard.com.ph and uploaded this picture. The shot was taken at the Kuala Lumpur KTM train station in Malaysia where me and my girlfriend spent our first year together. I got my newly designed card in less than a week. It's so much better than getting a conventional replacement card from your bank.

The steps are easy and if you're having a hard time finding your own picture, you can choose from their library of pictures ranging from the Amorsolo collection to animals, to graphic arts, to photographs by a certain Bien. No idea who Bien really is.

Your first designmycard comes free on your first request and will cost you Php450 if you decide to change your card to a different design.

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