02 April 2012

CoRon and Irene
(Island Tour and Maquinit Hot Springs)

With an 8:30AM call time for our Coron Island Tour care of Corong Galeri, we got up early and had a quick breakfast at our hotel. Though blocked by another building in front, Islands View Inn still offers a great view. The hotel is currently expanding and the construction suggests that upon completion, they will have a better view of the islands. Their breakfast is not bad for Php150 with choices of Tapa, Longganisa, Lamayo (Danggit) which comes with rice and fried egg plus drinks (choice of coffee and/or bottomless orange juice or iced tea). Irene recommends the Lamayo.

Though we booked our tour a day earlier, we forgot to reserve for a pair of snorkeling gears. After paying Php650/pax for the Tour B-1, our guide had to look elsewhere for available snorkeling gears for rent. We ended up paying Php150 each for the gears, Php50 more than if we had reserved for them at Corong Galeri.

Tour B-1 or Coron Island Ulitmate Tour offers 6 Destinations: Kayangan Lake, Twin Peaks Reef, Twin Lagoons, CYC Island, Atwayan Beach & Coral Gardens. At Php650 each, the tour already includes Entrance fees, Picnic Lunch with fruits and drinks.

It was a good thing that our first stop was Kayangan Lake. Before reaching the lake, you'll have to climb steep stone steps which is quite tiring. A bit discouraging if this was your last stop after a whole day of swimming and snorkeling. Nonetheless, reaching the lake will make you forget that hike.

After about an hour swimming at Kayangan Lake, we headed next to Twin Peaks Reef for some snorkeling.

Lunch was at  Atwayan Beach just beaside Banol Beach. Food served were fish, pork, and eggplants all grilled by our chefs slash boatmen. They also provided some bananas and bottled water. The banquet was more enjoyable eating with the waves splashing on and around your feet.

Just at the front of Atwayan Beach was Coral Gardens. It was a great snorkeling site with colorful corals, a variety of fish species, and a wall leading to the deep.

Next in the intinerary was CYC Beach offering a patch of white sand beach and clear, cool waters for swimming.

Last on the list was Twin Lagoons. The first lagoon was where boats dock and the second can be accessed by going over, or if the tide permits, under, a narrow opening separating the lagoons. We were advised by our guide that snorkeling gears and cameras should be left on the boat since it'll be hard to retrieve if we lose it.

After a tiring Coron Island tour, we headed straight to Maquinit Hot Springs for a relaxing dip. Tricycle fare was a standard Php300 back and forth with the tricycle driver waiting outside. The trip will take around 15 minutes from town. Entrance fee is currently at Php150 per person.

It was getting dark so we headed back to town and had dinner at Bistro Coron. We ordered pizza, pasta, and sausage with french bread. The food was great but is quite pricey. But then again, our Php671 bill was good for three people.

Islands View Inn Breakfast: Php150/pax
Coron Galeri Tour B-1: Php650/pax
Tricycle to Maquinit Hot Springs: Php300 (Php150/pax)
Maquinit Hot Springs Entrance Fee: Php150
Bistro Coron Dinner: Php671 (Php335.50/pax)
2nd Night at Hotel: Php1,500 (Php750/pax) 
Second day TOTAL per person: Php2,185.50

Running Total (1st + 2nd day): Php4,489.38

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