26 November 2017

Our Journey To The White House - Chasing Abe

More than The White House, it's the statue of a sitting Abraham Lincoln I'm most excited to see. I've downloaded an app called the NPS National Mall from Google Play which features sites around DC with suggested itineraries, maps, and estimated walking times between sites. It has a Four-Hour Tour which I thought was perfect for us. I was wrong.

Columbus Circle in front of Washington Union Station

The Four-Hour Tour of the app starts off at The Washington Monument and ends at The Thomas Jefferson Memorial. On the map, you can see that The White House is near the starting point so it should be just a short walk.

All we need now is to get to The Washington Monument from Union Station. Easy. The US Capitol is just across Union Station as per google maps and only The National Mall separates The Washington Monument from the US Capitol. Seems easy enough.

The US Capitol seen from Union Station
From outside Union Station, you could already see the US Capitol. Things are going as planned.

United States Capitol
It took us 15 minutes to walk from Union Square to the Capitol. I looked at the map again and just saw The National Mall as our only challenge to go to The Washington Monument. At this time I was already having doubts on our plan as The Mall seems long. I just figured we'd enjoy the walk anyway, so no worries.

Library of Congress
We walked on the south side of The Mall on Independence Ave. figuring that we might get distracted if we went through it. We passed by a lot of interesting buildings but the only building we regretted not getting in to was The Smithsonian Museum. We'll just put that on the 'Reason To Come Back' List.
US Botanic Garden
National Museum of the American Indian
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Hirshhorn Museum
Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building
Smithsonian Castle
US Department of Agriculture
The walk was worthwhile but our feet disagreed. We arrived at The Washington Monument by 1PM, an hour after we left Union Square. We only had 3 hours left and that includes going back to the station. There goes lunch. This also means that we need to get an uber or lyft back to the station to save some time.
Washington Monument
Now where's that Abe guy?

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