26 November 2017

Our Journey To The White House - Chasing Abe II

Seeing The Washington Monument was both a thrill and a relief. A thrill because I just recently saw Spiderman Homecoming and a relief because after an hour of walking, we can finally start the tour.

The Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
Before we started the tour as suggested by the app, we took a detour to The White House. And since we did not secure a tour inside the residence of the US President we were forced to just look from the outside. 

The White House behind the security fence
After that quick glimpse at The White House, we went back to The Washington Monument and walked towards the World War II Memorial.
World War II Memorial
We were surprised to see that there was a pillar for the Philippines. I guess I need to brush up on my history. I took World History twice in college but only because I failed in my first try and miraculously escaped a third try.
Pillar dedicated to the Commonwealth of the Philippines
Next on the itinerary was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial but we decided to skip it. We already had a taste of Vietnam from Miss Saigon.
The Lincoln Memorial as seen from the east side of the reflecting pool
It was already 2PM but since we only had a couple of stops to go, we decided to rest on the pool benches for a few minutes before we see Abe.
The walkway along the north side of the reflecting pool
There were a lot of tourists at The Lincoln Memorial. A bit of a surprise since we only saw a few from the earlier sites. I guess this was also the highlight o their tour or maybe the steps invited them to rest their tired feet.
The Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln
 Lincoln's second inaugural address

The columns inside the memorial
We only had just more than an hour before our bus departs so we quickly headed out to our next stop, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial skipping The Korean War Veterans Memorial.

The MLK Memorial based on his "I Have A Dream" speech: "Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope"
From the MLK Memorial, across the Tidal Basin reservoir was the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It would've been nice to go nearer but it would be nicer if our bus departs with us. So from here we got a Lyft and headed back to Union Square.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin
And just like that our DC tour ended at exactly 3PM. You would think 1 hour would be enough time to catch the 4PM bus. We even thought we could grab a quick snack once we arrive at the station. But a wrong turn from our Lyft driver took him 15 minutes to arrive instead of just 5. Now we're in trouble. We might have to rebook our bus tickets.

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