25 November 2017

Our Journey To The White House - NY to DC on Amtrak

We arrived at New York Penn Station by 7:30AM and still had some time to grab a quick breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts. For a first time Amtrak traveler, it wasn't that hard to figure things out. We just followed the crowd. After spending a few more minutes in the waiting area, we saw people lining up on our assigned track. That was our cue.
Penn Station Amtrak Waiting Area 

We went down to the track and hopped on the train only to see that there are only a few seats left. I completely forgot that this train was from Boston and NY was just a stop. But luckily we found some good seats near the front of the train.
Inside the 185 Northeast Regional Train
We were really excited for the 3-hour ride and I kept looking out the window to see the sights.
A couple of minutes away from Philadelphia
I fully enjoyed the panorama like a dog with its tongue out in the wind but my eyes eventually gave in. I was slowly entering snooze mode with eyes peeking (and camera shuttering) only when the train stops.

If only we had the luxury of time. It would be nice to visit the other cities on the way. After getting enough sleep of course.

We arrived at Washington DC 11:40AM, 10 minutes past schedule. And while we only had around four hours to tour DC, that didn't stop us from taking pictures of our Amtrak experience.

A stranger was kind enough to offer taking our pictures.
 We were finally at Union Station ready to see what DC has to offer. Apparently, a lot of walking.

Washington Union Station

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