27 November 2017

Our Journey To The White House - Race to the Greyhound

Less than an hour remains before our bus back to New York leaves. Union Station is just around 5 kilometers from the MLK Memorial and should take just about 15 minutes. But with a wrong turn and some heavy traffic, we were doomed to miss the bus.
Inside Union Station in DC
It's already 3:40PM and we're still a few blocks away from the station. From a distance you could see that some stupid errant drivers plus traffic lights were causing our delay. Just a block away we decided to get off and make a run for it. We only had 15 minutes left and we still need to find where the buses are.

I remember seeing a sign that buses were located at the mezzanine of the station. We rushed up to the bus deck and saw the Greyhound buses waiting. I flashed our downloaded e-tickets on my smartphone to the attendant but she said I needed to print it at the nearby Greyhound office. There were machines to print the tickets but ours had a problem and cannot print. The bus will leave without us for sure!
There were 2 other passengers having the same problem and the dispatcher assured us that he'll wait for us. Thank God! Apparently I pressed the "Print Ticket" option instead of the "Get Your E-ticket" button. Once the attendant pressed the right button, were in!
The Greyhound Bus to NYC
By the time we got on the bus, it was already almost full. The only seats that are next to each other were both aisle seats. We had no other choice but to take it. The ride was 4 and a half hours long but was not that enjoyable since we had no window seats, sitting beside strangers, and we're starving. All we had was a nutbar.
Carlo's Bakeshop
We arrived at the 42 St - Port Authority Bus Terminal Station by 8:30PM and started walking around looking for food. My wife saw Carlo's Bakeshop and wanted to have a taste. I figured she just got a sweet tooth but apparently this bake shop is famous.
Inside the Home of the Cake Boss

Only when we got inside that I figured out that this bakeshop is the home of the TV Show Cake Boss! And after ordering a couple of items, we headed out looking for dinner and stumbled upon another famous shop.
Gray's Papaya featured in the movie "Fools Rush In"
I knew I've watched Fools Rush In before but can't seem to remember the Gray's Papaya reference. Good thing my wife clearly remembers that we had to try their hotdogs. After all, they were only $1.50!

Gray's Papaya Hotdog
The Gray's Papaya hotdogs were cheap and tasty. Better that Nathan's I must say. It's just unfortunate that we only discovered the shop when we only had a night left in New York. We ended up having dinner at a food bar, charging by the pound, similar to what we had on our first night in New York.

After meeting Abe today, we're set to meet Lady Liberty tomorrow!

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