22 November 2017

The Big Apple On A Not So Big Budget - From Central Perk to Central Park

We didn't have enough time to take in our F.R.I.E.N.D.S. circle. It's already 3PM and we still have museums and Central Park to conquer. We found ourselves on the subway again this time travelling uptown to the Museum of Modern Art.
Gapstow Bridge at Central Park
Before heading to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), we stopped by Rockefeller Center to reserve our slot for the Top of The Rock observation deck. More on that later.

The NBC Studios 50th St. Entrance  
As I've mentioned beforewalking the streets of New York was surreal. It's like every corner, every block is something you've already seen before. It was a thrill for me to see the NBC Studios Entrance on 50th Street since I always see this spot when Conan O'Brien does his bits outside of the studio.

Just a few blocks away from The Rockefeller Center was MoMA. We used our NYC Explorer Pass to get in. Not being artsy myself, I don't have that much of an inclination to stay here long. Just see the well known artworks by renowned artists, and I'm done.

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
I then saw a room for surrealism. There's something I can relate to. Surrealism was one of the very few parts of my college humanities class that stuck. I was looking for Salvador Dali's famous work but unfortunately, wht I found was just a white wall.

Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory is out on loan to MoMA Paris exhibit until March 2018
After a few more minutes pretending to understand art, (I stared at the paintings with my eyebrows crossed but with my brain blanked) we finally headed north to Central Park. Just outside of Central Park was the Trump Tower, now more a tourist site as well as a protest venue.
The Trump Tower
The first thing that greeted us was The Pond. We stopped here for a while, tired from all the walking we did earlier in the day, and prepared for more walks ahead.
View of The Pond from the Gapstow Bridge
It's easy to get lost in Central Park. It is HUGE! But as long as you have the time, it would be a welcome development if you get lost.

Driprock Arch
 We got lost trying to go to The Mall but at least we got to see the Umpire Rock and a few celebrities.
A Polar Bear and a Big Bird
After a quick google maps check, we finally got there!
Park benches at The Mall
 It got dark quickly though and at the same time I only have less than 5% battery left on my phone.

Avengers End Scene where Loki and Thor return to Asgard 

John Wick: Chapter 2 - John is declared "excommunicado"
It was such a shame that we didn't have more time to spend at Central Park. We initially even planned to go to both MoMA and The Met in the afternoon but time wasn't enough! For dinner, we killed to birds with one stone. To save money, we just had the leftover pizza from Juliana's and to save time, we just ate while we went around Central Park.

Now we go back to The Rockefeller Center for the Top of the Rock experience.

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