15 November 2017

The Big Apple On A Not So Big Budget - The NYC Subway

From Canal Street we were en route to Union Square to meet my uncle for lunch. Again we used the subway which is the most efficient transport system in NYC! Some people might be overwhelmed by the complicated lines labeled with numbers and letters but fortunately, technology saves the day!

Screenshot from Google Play
I highly recommend downloading the MyTransit NYC Subway app. I consider myself good with maps and subway lines but this app was a lifesaver. Unlike other subway systems in Asia, the NYC subway have trains that have overlapping routes. Being aware of the train numbers/letters is important! But with this app, navigating New York was a breeze thanks to its built-in trip planner where you just plot start and end points and the app will tell you which train to catch.

If you check the reviews on Google Play, if you see some negative comments, it's almost always from locals complaining of the supposed not so accurate updates such as service disruptions. But for first time visitors and tourists this is definitely a must download.

Some might have a hard time figuring out which train to hop-on, but checking out the map and figuring out if your destination is uptown (above your location) or downtown (below your location) would definitely help.

Union Square Station
I thought the stickers were just vandals but looking closely, the stickers actually bear the names of the 9/11 victims.

From Canal St. to Union Square, the app will suggest different trains with different ETAs. The fastest being the N train with only 1 stop, taking around 5 mins, including walking.

Union Square
My uncle told us to meet him and my cousin at Chipotle, right in front of the place where he works. I only heard of Chipotle through late night show monologues and I was curious what the food was like.

On our way to Chipotle
Good thing I was with New Yorkers because I only copied what they ordered! Serving was big, typical American big size serving, that I had a hard time finishing my meal.

Reunion Selfie
Expenses for this post: ZERO! Thanks for lunch Tito Jun!

Now that we're filled, let's go to Midtown Manhattan!

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