22 November 2017

The Big Apple On A Not So Big Budget - The Brooklyn Bridge

After covering a lot of track a day before, we rewarded ourselves with a late start for the day. And when a say a lot, I mean A LOT! I was thinking of covering our first full day of New York City travelling in 1 post but later on it I found myself writing 6 entries (SoHo, the subway, Midtown Manhattan, The NY Public Library, Broadway, and The Empire State Building)  just to cover that day!
The Brooklyn Bridge
It's past 10AM and we're on the subway again, this time to go to the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the nearest subway station from our AirBnB was 34th St. - Penn station which is located just beside the world famous Madison Square Garden. So before we hopped on the train, I forced kindly asked my wife to circle the block to look for the familiar entry gate I saw on tv every time Reggie was killing the Knicks back in the 90s.

Madison Square Garden
We took the A train, got off at Chambers St. and walked towards a park through Park Place. We grabbed some coffee at Best of the Best Deli and stayed a couple of minutes at the park. It's really nice that New York have these small parks where you could just sit down and drink-in the morning air!
Jacob Mould Fountain
Walking towards the bridge, we passed by the old New York City Hall.

New York City Hall
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge end to end is around 2 km. This might be intimidating to some but the cool October breeze and the scenic walk made us unaware that it took us about an hour to reach the other side of the bridge. There were a lot of photo stops on that one hour walk by the way.

Before reaching the end of the bridge, we saw a pier on the right side, and decided to spend some time there. At the end of the bridge we took the stairs on the left side and from there we went under the bridge straight to Cadman Plaza Park.

We just followed the bridge to get to the Brooklyn Bridge Park pier and along the way found what our guide was talking about when it comes to New York Pizza.

Walking towards the Brooklyn Bridge Park
It's way past noon but contrary to our guide's description, there were no lines on both Grimaldi's and Juliana's.
Our guide told us that Grimaldi's is the original, but apparently it's no longer the original once Juliana's opened. Patsy Grimaldi, who opened Grimaldi's Pizza, sold his restaurant in 1998 to retire. A few years after, he came out of retirement but was unable to use the restaurant name he sold earlier, hence, the use of the name Juliana's, named after his mother.
Grimaldi's Pizza with Juliana's right beside it
We ordered the Spaghetti alla Puttanesca and a small Margherita pizza. The small size is not the personal size we are used to in the Philippines, it's big!

With a bottle of coke, total bill was around $40. When we got out, there were already a lot of hungry peeps waiting in line. Great timing!

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
For dessert, my wife had ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Didn't get a taste of it but she said it was delicious! And I'll take her word for it!

Under the Brooklyn Bridge
We walked around the park for a few minutes more, resting a bit before we head out to our next spot, The Friends Apartment!

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