27 November 2017

The Big Apple On A Not So Big Budget - Lower Manhattan

Half a day remains before we leave New York. Next in the itinerary was Wall Street and The World Trade Center. I thought that wall street would be the place with the least tourists in all Manhattan. But I was wrong. So wrong.

Wall Street Station
From battery park, the Wall Street Bull was just a couple of minutes walk. It was so crowded that you can't even see the bull fully. In all angles there was always someone touching the bull,posing for pictures. And waiting was not a good option either, it's like there was an imaginary queue on each spot. No spot was safe from camera clicks.
The Charging Bull. Or at least part of it.
I quickly gave up and turned my attention to the bronze girl statue in front of the bull. I managed to snap a picture of her without all the ladies striking the same pose beside her.
The shadow would tell that there's already someone on the way to strike the pose
 A short distance away was Trinity Church located across the corner of Broadway and Wall Street.

Trinity Church
Of course, a prayer of gratitude was in order.
Corner of Broadway and Wall Street
 We then went through Wall Street and passed by the New York Stock Exchange.

The New York Stock Exchange
Within the vicinity was a statue of George Washington at Federal Hall where he took his oath as the first US President in 1789. Again, it was impossible to take a picture of him without someone posing beside him. Others just gave up and took pictures anyway despite having too many photobombers. I was one of those others.

George Washington at Federal Hall. The lady on the right stood there for a good 5 minutes. Maybe she's a statue as well?
Then a name caught our eyes. TRUMP. This time there were no protesters unlike in the Trump Tower. There were still a lot of folks taking pictures though.
The TRUMP Building.
And then a gold mine. There was a Tissot Outlet shop just across The Trump Building. I scored on a PRS516 selling for less than half of it's retail price in the Philippines. This unfortunately started my fetish for fine watches.
Inside the Tissot shop in Wall Street
It's already 3PM, yet to have lunch, and we still have a couple more stops before we bid NY goodbye.

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