10 December 2017

The Dengue Misadventure - Help Is On The Way

November 29, I posted a call for help on facebook, looking for A+ blood type donors. This was the first time our friends were made aware of Irene's situation. The response was overwhelming but at the same time, this experience taught us that not all your friends, not even the closest, will help you at your most difficult time. And some, while silent, without communication for years, will put in all effort to lend a helping hand.

Hard times will always reveal true friends.

View from the hospital room
An A+ blood type was hard to find. Luckily for us, we have friends who searched their entire contact list just to find a suitable donor. Some even reaching out to their friends while they were overseas. By the next day, strangers were knocking on our door, referred by a friend of a friend (sometimes of a friend more). It was heartwarming that they went out of their way just to donate half a liter of their blood for a total stranger. For all the effort, we would like to express our deepest gratitude.

There were even more friends who wanted to donate but was not a match. Most are Type O's such as I. But more than their blood, they gave us strength to fight on. At that time I was alone with my wife and at a critical time would not dare leave her. Friends and family would visit, bringing some food, and some necessities we weren't able to bring. But most important was their presence. A couple of hours with friends and family was a much needed break from the monotonous hourly temperature and blood pressure checks.

We are truly blessed to have friends that would help in times of need. We are also blessed to now understand that not all your friends would make an effort to help even if they said they would. At least we now know who our true friends are. Depending on them would not be as heartbreaking the next time around.

By evening of November 30, a bit of good news. Platelet count was up to 13. Still low but it's on the way up. That's all the good news we needed. We're still not out of the woods but at least we can see some light.

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