10 December 2017

The Dengue Misadventure - Hospital First-timers

On our first night at the hospital, Irene's platelet count went down to 15, from the initial 21 upon admission. Something has to be done. We looked for A+ blood type donors but none was available on such short notice. A cousin, who was a doctor, luckily secured 4 units from Red Cross Intramuros. But upon checking with the hospital, 1 unit would cost us around Php5,000 for transportation and re-screening. We didn't mind the cost at that time, Irene's health is more important.
Fresh Frozen Plasma

It was Irene's first time to be admitted in the hospital and it was my first time to be the lead caretaker. She was scheduled to receive 2 bags of fresh frozen plasma to help with her declining platelet count. A nurse would check-in every 30 minutes or so to get her temperature and blood pressure. More than 38 degrees and BP at 100/70. We were patiently waiting, with every knock we were expecting a nurse to show up with a bag for her transfusion. The blood is on its way they said.

Irene can't sleep because of her recurrent headaches plus the fact that every now and then she would wake up anyway for her vitals. I was too worried to sleep, thinking she might need something and I should be ready at all times. Then finally the FFP came. It was already 2AM.

One bag was done after 30 minutes. We had to wait for about an hour for the second bag to be ready. Transfusion of the second bag started 3:30AM. With a problem with the IV line, transfusion finished by 5AM. Finally we can rest.

Just an hour later, blood was extracted for more tests. I wasn't asleep anyway and neither was Irene. By noontime, we got news that platelet count was down to 9 even after 2 units of plasma was transfused. This was when I started to worry. This was when I almost broke down.

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