31 January 2018

The Dengue Misadventure - The Cost of Recovery

Irene's recovery is the utmost priority. But that recovery has a cost. Php408,749.50 to be exact! It seems absurd that a single mosquito bite would cost that much but that truly was our bill. Even if we can find the mosquito who bit Irene, I'm sure he wont have that much money to pay for what he did!

The Bill That Shocked The (our) World
By day 9, it was established that while Irene still has fluid on her lungs, the diuretic therapy was effective in flushing it out. We were begging to be discharged as we can no longer afford to stay in the hospital. Literally. We were both on the same plan of not telling the nurses or doctors of any more pain, headaches, rashes, whatsoever. The running bill was the miracle cure! Morning of day 10, we were finally released!
Irene's room at Asian Hospital
But we need to settle our bill first.

With Medicard shouldering around Php200,000 plus another Php10,000 from PhilHealth (Thank you PhilHealth for being so generous!), we still have around Php200,000 to pay. Something we do not have lying around. We had no choice but to pay through my credit card (Thank you Citibank!) and just convert the bulk amount into installment.

We were finally out of the hospital, not feeling the impact yet of what happened. We were just happy to get home.

Doctors' Clinics

Now comes the follow-ups. A week after, we were scheduled for a follow-up with at least 4 doctors. With Irene's Medicard maxed-out, we were forced to pay out of our pockets for the labs. As if the Php200,000 was not enough! And the follow-ups were more like 5 minutes of "Hi! How are you? You look good, let me see the results, you're ok, great!"

My wallet got confined
We just paid for our 2nd installment this January but the good news is Irene's good now. Good enough to work for the 4 installments!

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