31 January 2018

The Skyway Conundrum: Online People Power

After the outrage on social media, the skyway management finally gave in.

After reading tweet after tweet and curse after curse, I was expecting a warzone by the time I reach the new runway toll exit. But then again, I didn't see any irate motorist shouting at the enforcers nor the tellers. After all, they were just implementing what their bosses told them, not their fault. Still, it was surprising to see that the outrage online did not translate to an outrage on the road.


There were a few public figures that were affected by this "system improvement." One of which was Representative of Muntinlupa, Ruffy Biazon, who during the first day was still positive but on the second day of inconvenience asked the skyway management to explain.

I also heard that bossing Vic sounded his displeasure at the horrendous skyway traffic he encountered.

But all is well now. I mean for now. I just hope that this temporary relief becomes permanent. Here's to thinking minds! 

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