28 October 2020

The New PLDT Home LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFis - Where To Buy and Which One To Choose

If you are planning to buy a pldt prepaid wifi then read on! There are currently 3 available variants of the new PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi LTE Advanced and it might be confusing picking between the three. 

There are a few ways to buy a pldt wifi, there's the official reseller website (www.officialpldtreseller.com), you also have online resellers both on facebook and on online shopping apps like lazada and shopee. With the official reseller website you get the LTE Advance modems at the official price of Php1,995 while on other sellers prices range from Php2,200 to almost Php3,000. The official reseller website is usually reliable when it comes to delivery but recently I encountered problems with the delivery of my Boost even modem. Unfortunately their support is almost non-existent and this may be an advantage for online sellers where you have someone to talk to directly for any concerns, just watch out for scammers. 

On the other hand, if you're from Metro Manila, I suggest you buy using your Grab app. Not only is the delivery fast, if you've barely used the Grabmart feature of the app, you'll have a Php100 to Php120 discount. I only paid Php1,974 including delivery fee compared to the officialpldtreseller website where my total was Php2,195 including shipping. Plus with the Grab app, I got the item in only 20mins after booking.

Now for which modem to buy. Feature-wise the Boosteven model seems the logical choice but let see how the other modems compare when it comes to speed. I made the afternoon speedtests between  3-4pm while I did the midnight tests between 12mn to 1am.

For me the afternoon average speeds of all 3 modems are virtually the same, but in the after midnight speedtests, the boosteven has the fastest download and upload speeds.

So if I have to rank all three then first choice would be the Boosteven R281, then the Evoluzn FX-ID5 2nd, and last is the Greenpacket D2K-F10. The D2K's only advantage seems to be it's unique look but with the same price as the earlier Greenpacket version packed with features, you'll feel shorthanded with the D2K at Php1,995. Just as a point of comparison, I was getting up to 50Mbps after midnight download speeds with the earlier Greenpacket DH-725 modem.

Again let me just clarify that speed and performance of the modems would ultimately depend on your location and other variables. I'll upload another video showing if server selection affects speedtests or not at all. What I experienced with all three modems may or may not be the same experience you'll get should you purchase them but at least you'll have almost all the information you need when choosing which CAT6 model to buy and where best to buy them.

25 October 2020

PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid - Advance CAT6 Boost Even R281

The most significant difference of the Boosteven CAT6 vs the other PLDT LTE Advance models is the presence of an external antenna port. This is crucial for areas where the smart LTE signal is weak. I already saw someone online installing a DIY external antenna on the Evoluzn CAT6 but let's face it, not everyone has the time and has the knowhow to do this. For the boosteven however, not all external antennas are compatible.

Again same with my earlier videos I placed this modem on different parts of our house to get the best signal possible. I'll upload another video comparing all 3 modems so that if you are only about to purchase one, you'll have more information to choose which one is best for you.

One thing I noticed with this modem is I'm constantly getting 3 full bars of signal regardless of where I position it. This however does not automatically mean that it will deliver better speeds as compared to other models with weaker signals.

So how does the Boosteven model compare to the other models? Feature wise it seems better than the other two modems but experience wise, It feels the same. The external antenna port has been the selling point of of the boosteven model but if you already have strong signals in your area then you wont need to use it. So for me, you can pick any of the three existing models, nothing really stands out because ultimately, speed and performance would depend on your location and other variables.

21 October 2020

PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid - Advance CAT6 Green Packet D2K (FT10)

An afterthought of the earlier Evoluzn and Boosteven CAT6 modems, let's see of this bluetooth speaker-looking version is worthy to be part of the conversation.

I ordered the Boosteven model last week and ordered this model only yesterday. Of course I was expecting the Boosteven to be delivered earlier that's why when I received a package today, I immediately assumed it was the Boosteven CAT6. Plus the fact that the size of the box is bigger than than of the Evoluzn model, I was really surprised that what I got today was the Greenpacket D2K modem. 

The Greenpacket D2K modem is often overlooked of the three available PLDT CAT6 modems because of it's limited features. For starters this unit is not dual band meaning you wont get a 5Ghz wifi network. It also only has one LAN port and does not have external antenna ports.

Out of the three available CAT6 modems, the Boosteven seems to have an advantage when it comes to features but again, until we gead head to head comparisons between the three then it's still up for debate.

Similar to what I do with all my wifi routers, I tried to position the unit in different parts of our house to get the best possible signal. So far the fastest speed I got was 8.45mbps download and 7.34 upload which is actually better than my speedtests with the Evoluzn model.

Surprisingly, one of the best positions where I get the best signal is in the middle of our house, away from the windows. I experienced the same with the old CAT6 DH725 model where I can position it in the middle of the house and have no worries connecting to the wifi signal and at the same time still getting good LTE signals.

In terms of design, the bluetooth speaker looking design of this model may attract some people but on the other hand, the bulkiness of the modem gave me a hard time positioning it on window ledges.

To conclude, the D2K model is definitely lacking in features compared to its older brothers but it's still a decent modem. The lack of 5Ghz wifi network may not be an issue for some, the 5Ghz network doesnt work well in rooms separated by walls anyway. I also don't use LAN cables so the lack of ports doesnt bother me as well. The signal reception is better compared to the Evoluzn model but still it lacks external antenna ports for those needing external attennas in areas where signal is really poor. We'll just have to wait and see until my Boosteven arrives to finally have a comparison between the three.

Let me just clarify that signal and speed would ultimately depend on your location and other variables so what I've experienced may or may not be the same case for everyone. For instance I never got to reach 10mbps in my Evoluzn tests but I already saw people posting speeds of more than 20mbps with the same model.

Until the next review, thank you and stay safe!

19 October 2020

Choosing the Best Prepaid WiFi Data Promos [Globe vs PLDT]

If you are relying on prepaid wifi, like me, it's important to be familiar with the available data promos of both Globe and Smart. In this video we'll check the latest data promos and see which one is best.

With our current situation, everything seems to be done online and connecting to the internet is especially important for those working from home and more recently those needing internet for online classes. And either you're still waiting for installation of a fibr line or just want the flexibility on deciding how much to spend on internet, a home prepaid wifi is a good choice.

Unfortunately for the Philippines we only have 2 choices, Globe and PLDT-Smart. They both have almost the same packages but let me help you in deciding which data promo to load.

Let's start with the cheapest which is Php199 for 7 days. PLDT offers Famload video with 12Gb open access and 1 Gb of youtube per day. Globe on the other hand offers Homesurf 199 with 15Gb open access and 1gb for a handful of apps such as youtube, messenger, viber, gcash lazada, grab and even lalamove.

If you compute for how much you'll spend per Gb, for PLDT, 1Gb is worth Php16.58 while 1Gb from Globe is only Php13.27. Plus the fact that the free 1Gb per day of Globe is not limited to youtube compared to PLDT.

If we go up to the more expensive promos, price per Gb would be the same for both Globe and PLDT with Globe having the edge again because of the their 1Gb per day is not limited only to Youtube.

Now PLDT also has other offerings such as the Famload study and Famload video plus but the key here is the sites and apps that are included in the promo. If you are a heavy user of such apps then this can work for you. It's just such a disappointment because in the famload video plus, netflix is not included. 

So if you are a koreanovela addict or just a heavy user of netflix or even tiktok, then a better choice for you is Globe's homewatch where you are alloted with 4Gb of data for youtube netflix iflix and other apps per day.

Recently Globe also released a limited promo the Homesurf599+ and Homesurf1499+. With these promos, you'll have more GB allocation compared to the regular Homesurf promos. I'm currently using this promo and hopefully this will continue unlike the Famloads double the data of PLDT that ended last July. 

For the casual user like me, the best promo so far is the Homesurf199 giving you the cheapest per Gb spend. The only downside of this promo is you'll have to load everyweek and monitor regularly your usage. Unlike if you load a promo good for 30days, you'll only subscribe to the promo once a month instead of 4 times.

I hope this helped you in deciding which prepaid promo to use!

15 October 2020

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PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Advance - CAT 6 Evoluzn

As early as 2 weeks ago there were already news of a new PLDT CAT6 wifi but it only became available last monday. So i ordered immediately to see for myself if the new modem is good.

There are currently 2 versions of the PLDT CAT6 model, this one which is the Evoluzn model and the other one is the Boosteven model. From the limited information I saw before their release, the main contention for buying the Boosteven model is the external antenna port. The Evoluzn model is confirmed to have no antenna ports. This is crucial for areas with poor smart lte signals.

What struck me initially was the modem size. Given the bulky size of the old Greenpacket modem, I assumed the size will be more or less the same but the box itself is almost half compared to the Greenpacket model.

In my case, I tried to position the modem where I could get the best signal but the best I got was only 3 out of 4 bars in the modem indicators and 4 out of 5 bars in the admin page.

I tried a speedtest on each position and got "okay" results. Not impressive but given the fact that I have poor signal, It's still acceptable in my opinion and I beleive this modem can deliver good speeds in areas where signal is not a problem.

You may conclude that the Boosteven model is better but we'll have to see until we get a head to head comparison between the 2 models.

Comparing it to my Greenpacket modem, the Evoluzn model has a weaker signal reception compared to the Greenpacket modem. This may also be due to the fact that the Greenpacket modem has 2 external antennas. Hopefully this Evoluzn modem would not encounter the same issue I had with the Greenpacket modem.

As far as comparing it to my CAT7, again the best thing with the Globe CAT7 modem is band steering, no need to connect to different SSIDs. With this Evoluzn modem, my laptop had a problem connecting to the 5Ghz SSID. However when I used my phone, I connected easily. Expectedly, connecting to the 5Ghz band will give better speeds compared to the 2.4Ghz.

So to conclude this review, I think there's really no need for people to upgrade to a CAT6 wifi, specially if they are already happy with a CAT4 modem which is half the price. Plus, more than the modem, it would be better to consider first the available data promos of both PLDT and Globe and choose whichever suits your needs.

That's all for now, until the bext review. Please dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, The Misadventures of Roni G!

14 October 2020

Globe CAT7 WiFi Modem Unboxing, Speedtest, and Review [Huawei B535-932]

Did you know that Globe has a CAT7 LTE WiFi Modem? I only found out the existence of this modem around 2 weeks ago and in this video we'll check where to get it and is it good or bad for prepaid wifi users like me.

While I was having some troubles with my PLDT CAT6 modem I chanced about a post in one facebook group asking if the CAT6 of PLDT is better than the CAT7 of Globe.

I immediately went to the Globe website to check but I only saw 3 modems, the S10G, the B312 and the Globe Xtreme Wifi modem. So where did the CAT7 come from? Apparently this modem was intended for Wireless plans but location was currently limited to Cavite and Bulacan areas. This explains why when I looked at online sellers, you'll clearly see a "POSTPAID" mark on the box.

Its not clear why the wireless plans are not available in Metro Manila particularly in locations such as in our area where a fibr infastructure is not available. Globe even has a 5G plan which they call airfibr but again, unfortunately, availability is limited.

Going back to the CAT7 modem, there are a lot of online sellers in facebook, shopee and lazada offering this modem ranging from Php1,500 to Php4,000. This modem is the Huawei B535 932 which is also available online unlocked without the Globe brand but is expectedly more expensive.

What I liked about this modem is the band steering. The modem is dual band meaning it broadcasts on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies but unlike the PLDT CAT6 Greenpacket Modem, you only connect to 1 SSID and it will automatically switch from 2Ghz go 5Ghz depending on which signal is stronger. This is very convenient if you move around the house a lot. 5Ghz would obviously give you better speeds but the range is short and not good specially if blocked by walls. Moving away from the modem, you'll need to connect the the 2Ghz SSID. With the Globe CAT7 modem's band steering, you wouldn't worry about this.

Another thing I liked about the CAT7 modem is its signal reception. It can get better signals compared to the S10G model. This enables me to position the modem in the middle of our house for better wifi reception all throughout the house compared to older modems where you need to place them near the window to get the best LTE signal.

In terms of speed, I have yet to surpass the 30Mbps mark even past midnight compared to the PLDT CAT6 where at one time I reached 50Mbps. But as mentioned in my previous video, speed is not my main concern with my PLDT Wifi but instead the stability. I've been reading a lot of similar experiences of disconnections with the CAT6 modem, needing to restart the modem every 5 minutes or so and this happens even at full signal. So far in my 2 weeks with the Globe CAT7 modem, I have yet to experience that scenario and what I like best about this modem is I get consistent speeds of not less than 10Mbps throughout the day. This is also partly due to the fact that I have admin access to the modem and fixed the band to Band28.

That concludes my short review of the globe cat 7 modem, please dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, The Misadventures of Roni G!

13 October 2020

2 Months After: My PLDT LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFi (CAT6) Experience

After almost 2 months of using the new PLDT Prepaid WiFi, I've finally decided to switch back to Globe. Find out why on this episode of the Misadventures of Roni G!

When the quarantine started last March and work from home became the norm, I needed a wifi because my mobile data, though unlimited is unstable. At that time I also felt, as with almost everyone, that the quarantine would be over by May or June so a prepaid wifi seems a logical choice. There's Globe at Home and then there's PLDT. The former was easier to buy and with just a few chats with an online seller, I was able to get a Globe prepaid wifi right away. 

My experience with Globe was ok, not great, but it gets the job done. My only concern at that time was 2 things, their HomeSurf promos and their lousy upload speed. At that time I don't know yet if the PLDTs Smart Signal is ok in our area but their Famloads promo was very enticing.

Compared to Globe which offers 70gb free access and 1gb per day of data for 999, PLDT offers 130gb free access for the same price. 

After a few months I got my hands on the new PLDT LTE Advanced Wifi. I booked around 1am August 1 and by morning it's already sold out. My experience with this modem was good, no work interruptions and the famload data allocation was just enough for the two of us at home.

September 1 was when it all started to go downhill. First, I read some tweets of people not being able to load their prepaid wifis. Then after a couole of days it became clear why. The famloads that made me switch from Globe to PLDT are no longer available. You are now left with the almost the same packages from Globe but a bit worse.

PLDT now offers Famload video 999 with 70gb free access and 1GB of Youtube daily. Only Youtube. It's like you'll be forced to watch 1Gb worth of youtube videos just to maximize your load. At least with Globe, the 1Gb per day alloctaion is not limited to Youtube. It also includes Messenger, Lazada, GCash, etc.

But that just half of my misadventure with PLDT. By September I also started experiencing dropped connections that I needed to restart almost every 10minutes. The modem still has a full signal but is no longer connected to the internet. Once you restart everything comes back online again. But just a few moments later you're offline again. This went on for days, and then I also found out that there would also be times where the modem restarts by itself. This also happens every 30 minutes or so. 

By this time it was already affecting work so much that I switch back to globe. Unfortunately I already sold my old globe wifi that I had to buy again. I came across an online seller selling a globe modem with admin access and I thought maybe I could look at the settings and maybe figure out my upload speed problem. Lo and behold, when I fixed the band to 28, the upload speed improved significantly! I'll post another video on how admin access improves your internet speed.

So now that I'm again content with Globe, I was still stuck with some data allocation from my old PLDT modem. I figured I could try and see if my problem with PLDT is the modem or the network. I tried positioning the modem in different locations in our house but still kept getting disconnected or the modem reboots by itself every few minutes. I gave up and started thinking of selling the modem. On one last experiment I remembered I bought a cheap external antenna and tried it on the modem. The performance improved with the modem now rebooting only once or twice throughout the day. I still get disconnected but after a few seconds it'll be online again, this time no need for a manual reboot. But that few seconds of disconnection though it might seem a small annoyance actually has a big impact when you're in a virtual meeting and then suddenly you no longer hear participants or worse, you're in the middle of a speech and then was cut off because of your crappy internet connection. That few seconds is also crucial in an online game just like Clash Royale where you play against someone in realtime. It really is frustrating losing only because of your connection.

Now I don't see PLDT reverting back to their Famloads double the data promo anytime soon that's why I'll be with Globe for a while. So for those looking for the PLDT CAT6 Modem, I suggest you look for other options, because for me it's not worth the hype. It's always out of stock anyway and online sellers are selling it for almost double its price. 

You still have other options like PLDT Fibr, Sky Fiber, Globe Fiber or Converge. But it seems when it comes to connectivity, the Philippines is cursed. Sky and Globe fiber are not available in our area, the only available PLDT connection in our area is DSL which is outdated and Converge, well, it seems like a scam since I already paid the initial fee but after a month of waiting, I still dont think they'll be installing anytime soon.

So to end this video Globe's prepaid WiFi service is far from perfect but right now in my case it's definitely better than PLDT Smart.

12 October 2020

How to improve your internet speed!


What will admin access do for you? you can get improved speeds depending on your area so in this video I'll show you different ways to gain admin access and the different speeds from different settings.

There are 3 ways to gain admin access to your prepaid wifi's. The first is to buy a modem already with admin access, 2nd is to pay someone to do it remotely, and third is to do it yourself. As I mentioned in my previous video, I bought a globe s10g modem online that already has admin access. There are a lot of sellers selling different modems already with admin access and sometimes even openline, meaning you can use that modem with either globe or pldt/smart sim cards.

If you already have an existing modem and you want admin access, you can just search on facebook for your specific model and you'll see a lot of offers for admin access. prices for admin access would range from donations which means you'll decide how much you pay, to fixed rates from 200 to 300 pesos. For my Globe CAT7 Modem, I just messaged someone from facebook, transfered via gcash and in just a few minutes he already gave me the admin password for my modem.

The last method to gain admin access is easy or hard depending on your modem. for the s10g and the Globe xtreme wifi modems, this technique should work. For other modems, you can search for instructions on google or youtube but chances are you'll have difficulty finding tutorials. for the s10g What you do is just log-in via the default username and password. then go to... then change.... here you can have different settings but for the not so techie such as myself, we can just focus on the LTE Band.

So in my previous videos and speedtests, one of my biggest concern with Globe is the upload speed. With admin access, i got to play around with LTE Band settings. There are 4 available bands in this modem, Band 3, 28, 40, and 41. From my speedtests I found out that in our area, Band 28 has the best speeds. This can vary in your area so try each band and check which one works best for you.

Using my Globe CAT7, Band 28 also provides better download and upload speeds.