12 October 2020

How to improve your internet speed!


What will admin access do for you? you can get improved speeds depending on your area so in this video I'll show you different ways to gain admin access and the different speeds from different settings.

There are 3 ways to gain admin access to your prepaid wifi's. The first is to buy a modem already with admin access, 2nd is to pay someone to do it remotely, and third is to do it yourself. As I mentioned in my previous video, I bought a globe s10g modem online that already has admin access. There are a lot of sellers selling different modems already with admin access and sometimes even openline, meaning you can use that modem with either globe or pldt/smart sim cards.

If you already have an existing modem and you want admin access, you can just search on facebook for your specific model and you'll see a lot of offers for admin access. prices for admin access would range from donations which means you'll decide how much you pay, to fixed rates from 200 to 300 pesos. For my Globe CAT7 Modem, I just messaged someone from facebook, transfered via gcash and in just a few minutes he already gave me the admin password for my modem.

The last method to gain admin access is easy or hard depending on your modem. for the s10g and the Globe xtreme wifi modems, this technique should work. For other modems, you can search for instructions on google or youtube but chances are you'll have difficulty finding tutorials. for the s10g What you do is just log-in via the default username and password. then go to... then change.... here you can have different settings but for the not so techie such as myself, we can just focus on the LTE Band.

So in my previous videos and speedtests, one of my biggest concern with Globe is the upload speed. With admin access, i got to play around with LTE Band settings. There are 4 available bands in this modem, Band 3, 28, 40, and 41. From my speedtests I found out that in our area, Band 28 has the best speeds. This can vary in your area so try each band and check which one works best for you.

Using my Globe CAT7, Band 28 also provides better download and upload speeds.

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