19 October 2020

Choosing the Best Prepaid WiFi Data Promos [Globe vs PLDT]

If you are relying on prepaid wifi, like me, it's important to be familiar with the available data promos of both Globe and Smart. In this video we'll check the latest data promos and see which one is best.

With our current situation, everything seems to be done online and connecting to the internet is especially important for those working from home and more recently those needing internet for online classes. And either you're still waiting for installation of a fibr line or just want the flexibility on deciding how much to spend on internet, a home prepaid wifi is a good choice.

Unfortunately for the Philippines we only have 2 choices, Globe and PLDT-Smart. They both have almost the same packages but let me help you in deciding which data promo to load.

Let's start with the cheapest which is Php199 for 7 days. PLDT offers Famload video with 12Gb open access and 1 Gb of youtube per day. Globe on the other hand offers Homesurf 199 with 15Gb open access and 1gb for a handful of apps such as youtube, messenger, viber, gcash lazada, grab and even lalamove.

If you compute for how much you'll spend per Gb, for PLDT, 1Gb is worth Php16.58 while 1Gb from Globe is only Php13.27. Plus the fact that the free 1Gb per day of Globe is not limited to youtube compared to PLDT.

If we go up to the more expensive promos, price per Gb would be the same for both Globe and PLDT with Globe having the edge again because of the their 1Gb per day is not limited only to Youtube.

Now PLDT also has other offerings such as the Famload study and Famload video plus but the key here is the sites and apps that are included in the promo. If you are a heavy user of such apps then this can work for you. It's just such a disappointment because in the famload video plus, netflix is not included. 

So if you are a koreanovela addict or just a heavy user of netflix or even tiktok, then a better choice for you is Globe's homewatch where you are alloted with 4Gb of data for youtube netflix iflix and other apps per day.

Recently Globe also released a limited promo the Homesurf599+ and Homesurf1499+. With these promos, you'll have more GB allocation compared to the regular Homesurf promos. I'm currently using this promo and hopefully this will continue unlike the Famloads double the data of PLDT that ended last July. 

For the casual user like me, the best promo so far is the Homesurf199 giving you the cheapest per Gb spend. The only downside of this promo is you'll have to load everyweek and monitor regularly your usage. Unlike if you load a promo good for 30days, you'll only subscribe to the promo once a month instead of 4 times.

I hope this helped you in deciding which prepaid promo to use!

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