14 October 2020

Globe CAT7 WiFi Modem Unboxing, Speedtest, and Review [Huawei B535-932]

While I was having some troubles with my PLDT CAT6 modem I chanced about a post in one facebook group asking if the CAT6 of PLDT is better than the CAT7 of Globe.


I immediately went to the Globe website to check but I only saw 3 modems, the S10G, the B312 and the Globe Xtreme Wifi modem. So where did the CAT7 come from? Apparently this modem was intended for Wireless plans but location was currently limited to Cavite and Bulacan areas. This explains why when I looked at online sellers, you'll clearly see a "POSTPAID" mark on the box.

Its not clear why the wireless plans are not available in Metro Manila particularly in locations such as in our area where a fibr infastructure is not available. Globe even has a 5G plan which they call airfibr but again, unfortunately, availability is limited.

Going back to the CAT7 modem, there are a lot of online sellers in facebook, shopee and lazada offering this modem ranging from Php1,500 to Php4,000. This modem is the Huawei B535 932 which is also available online unlocked without the Globe brand but is expectedly more expensive.

What I liked about this modem is the band steering. The modem is dual band meaning it broadcasts on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies but unlike the PLDT CAT6 Greenpacket Modem, you only connect to 1 SSID and it will automatically switch from 2Ghz go 5Ghz depending on which signal is stronger. This is very convenient if you move around the house a lot. 5Ghz would obviously give you better speeds but the range is short and not good specially if blocked by walls. Moving away from the modem, you'll need to connect the the 2Ghz SSID. With the Globe CAT7 modem's band steering, you wouldn't worry about this.

Another thing I liked about the CAT7 modem is its signal reception. It can get better signals compared to the S10G model. This enables me to position the modem in the middle of our house for better wifi reception all throughout the house compared to older modems where you need to place them near the window to get the best LTE signal.

In terms of speed, I have yet to surpass the 30Mbps mark even past midnight compared to the PLDT CAT6 where at one time I reached 50Mbps. But as mentioned in my previous video, speed is not my main concern with my PLDT Wifi but instead the stability. I've been reading a lot of similar experiences of disconnections with the CAT6 modem, needing to restart the modem every 5 minutes or so and this happens even at full signal. So far in my 2 weeks with the Globe CAT7 modem, I have yet to experience that scenario and what I like best about this modem is I get consistent speeds of not less than 10Mbps throughout the day. This is also partly due to the fact that I have admin access to the modem and fixed the band to Band28.

That concludes my short review of the globe cat 7 modem, please dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, The Misadventures of Roni G!

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