15 October 2020

PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Advance - CAT 6 Evoluzn

As early as 2 weeks ago there were already news of a new PLDT CAT6 wifi but it only became available last monday. So i ordered immediately to see for myself if the new modem is good.

There are currently 2 versions of the PLDT CAT6 model, this one which is the Evoluzn model and the other one is the Boosteven model. From the limited information I saw before their release, the main contention for buying the Boosteven model is the external antenna port. The Evoluzn model is confirmed to have no antenna ports. This is crucial for areas with poor smart LTE signals.

What struck me initially was the modem size. Given the bulky size of the old Greenpacket modem, I assumed the size will be more or less the same but the box itself is almost half compared to the Greenpacket model.

In my case, I tried to position the modem where I could get the best signal but the best I got was only 3 out of 4 bars in the modem indicators and 4 out of 5 bars in the admin page.

I tried a speedtest on each position and got "okay" results. Not impressive but given the fact that I have poor signal, It's still acceptable in my opinion and I beleive this modem can deliver good speeds in areas where signal is not a problem.

You may conclude that the Boosteven model is better but we'll have to see until we get a head to head comparison between the 2 models.

Comparing it to my Greenpacket modem, the Evoluzn model has a weaker signal reception compared to the Greenpacket modem. This may also be due to the fact that the Greenpacket modem has 2 external antennas. Hopefully this Evoluzn modem would not encounter the same issue I had with the Greenpacket modem.

As far as comparing it to my CAT7, again the best thing with the Globe CAT7 modem is band steering, no need to connect to different SSIDs. With this Evoluzn modem, my laptop had a problem connecting to the 5Ghz SSID. However when I used my phone, I connected easily. Expectedly, connecting to the 5Ghz band will give better speeds compared to the 2.4Ghz.

So to conclude this review, I think there's really no need for people to upgrade to a CAT6 wifi, specially if they are already happy with a CAT4 modem which is half the price. Plus, more than the modem, it would be better to consider first the available data promos of both PLDT and Globe and choose whichever suits your needs.

That's all for now, until the next review. 

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