21 October 2020

PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid - Advance CAT6 Green Packet D2K (FT10)

An afterthought of the earlier Evoluzn and Boosteven CAT6 modems, let's see of this bluetooth speaker-looking version is worthy to be part of the conversation.

I ordered the Boosteven model last week and ordered this model only yesterday. Of course I was expecting the Boosteven to be delivered earlier that's why when I received a package today, I immediately assumed it was the Boosteven CAT6. Plus the fact that the size of the box is bigger than than of the Evoluzn model, I was really surprised that what I got today was the Greenpacket D2K modem. 

The Greenpacket D2K modem is often overlooked of the three available PLDT CAT6 modems because of it's limited features. For starters this unit is not dual band meaning you wont get a 5Ghz wifi network. It also only has one LAN port and does not have external antenna ports.

Out of the three available CAT6 modems, the Boosteven seems to have an advantage when it comes to features but again, until we gead head to head comparisons between the three then it's still up for debate.

Similar to what I do with all my wifi routers, I tried to position the unit in different parts of our house to get the best possible signal. So far the fastest speed I got was 8.45mbps download and 7.34 upload which is actually better than my speedtests with the Evoluzn model.

Surprisingly, one of the best positions where I get the best signal is in the middle of our house, away from the windows. I experienced the same with the old CAT6 DH725 model where I can position it in the middle of the house and have no worries connecting to the wifi signal and at the same time still getting good LTE signals.

In terms of design, the bluetooth speaker looking design of this model may attract some people but on the other hand, the bulkiness of the modem gave me a hard time positioning it on window ledges.

To conclude, the D2K model is definitely lacking in features compared to its older brothers but it's still a decent modem. The lack of 5Ghz wifi network may not be an issue for some, the 5Ghz network doesnt work well in rooms separated by walls anyway. I also don't use LAN cables so the lack of ports doesnt bother me as well. The signal reception is better compared to the Evoluzn model but still it lacks external antenna ports for those needing external attennas in areas where signal is really poor. We'll just have to wait and see until my Boosteven arrives to finally have a comparison between the three.

Let me just clarify that signal and speed would ultimately depend on your location and other variables so what I've experienced may or may not be the same case for everyone. For instance I never got to reach 10mbps in my Evoluzn tests but I already saw people posting speeds of more than 20mbps with the same model.

Until the next review, thank you and stay safe!

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