28 October 2020

The New PLDT Home LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFis - Where To Buy and Which One To Choose

If you are planning to buy a pldt prepaid wifi then read on! There are currently 3 available variants of the new PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi LTE Advanced and it might be confusing picking between the three. 

There are a few ways to buy a pldt wifi, there's the official reseller website (www.officialpldtreseller.com), you also have online resellers both on facebook and on online shopping apps like lazada and shopee. With the official reseller website you get the LTE Advance modems at the official price of Php1,995 while on other sellers prices range from Php2,200 to almost Php3,000. The official reseller website is usually reliable when it comes to delivery but recently I encountered problems with the delivery of my Boost even modem. Unfortunately their support is almost non-existent and this may be an advantage for online sellers where you have someone to talk to directly for any concerns, just watch out for scammers. 

On the other hand, if you're from Metro Manila, I suggest you buy using your Grab app. Not only is the delivery fast, if you've barely used the Grabmart feature of the app, you'll have a Php100 to Php120 discount. I only paid Php1,974 including delivery fee compared to the officialpldtreseller website where my total was Php2,195 including shipping. Plus with the Grab app, I got the item in only 20mins after booking.

Now for which modem to buy. Feature-wise the Boosteven model seems the logical choice but let see how the other modems compare when it comes to speed. I made the afternoon speedtests between  3-4pm while I did the midnight tests between 12mn to 1am.

For me the afternoon average speeds of all 3 modems are virtually the same, but in the after midnight speedtests, the boosteven has the fastest download and upload speeds.

So if I have to rank all three then first choice would be the Boosteven R281, then the Evoluzn FX-ID5 2nd, and last is the Greenpacket D2K-F10. The D2K's only advantage seems to be it's unique look but with the same price as the earlier Greenpacket version packed with features, you'll feel shorthanded with the D2K at Php1,995. Just as a point of comparison, I was getting up to 50Mbps after midnight download speeds with the earlier Greenpacket DH-725 modem.

Again let me just clarify that speed and performance of the modems would ultimately depend on your location and other variables. I'll upload another video showing if server selection affects speedtests or not at all. What I experienced with all three modems may or may not be the same experience you'll get should you purchase them but at least you'll have almost all the information you need when choosing which CAT6 model to buy and where best to buy them.

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