28 November 2020

Brownout Gadgets

The recent typhoons brought with it hours of no electricity. Everytime we experience a power outage we always wish we had some gadgets to get us by. We'll check out three items that can be really helpful during emergencies.

10 November 2020

All About Speedtests [Different Servers, Different Results?]

As quarantine continues and online classes and work from home is the new normal, a reliable internet connection is critical. One of the ways of checking if your connection is good is through speedtests.

In Youtube, you cannot see a video about WiFis without these speedtests. Everyone wants to check if Globe or Smart is the fastest, everyone wants to know which router is the fastest. You'll never run out of speedtests comparison videos in Youtube! 

On speedtests videos you'll always see some comments alleging dishonest speedtests only because of the server used. Most are assuming that if you are testing the speed of a PLDT modem then your server should be PLDT or Smart. If your speedtest server is Globe then maybe they are assuming that Globe can manipulate the test and somehow give slower speeds.

Let's put that to the test: So with my Greenpacket D2K modem, what I did is to check different servers to see the differences in the speed.