13 December 2020

Cheap Antennas for your Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi

In my earlier post I tried some popular cheap antennas on the Boosteven R281 modem but unfortunately, all of them are incompatible with the modem. However, these antennas are working fine with my Globe CAT7 modem and now we'll see how each one performs and if they are worth your time and money.

04 December 2020

FREE Local And International Channels On Any Android Device [Smartphone/Smart TV] with Swiftstreamz]

A few months ago I made a video on how to get free cable channels on any android device through the Live NetTV app. The app has a lot of channel selections but I noticed that Philippine channels would often be incomplete. I found an alternative to Live NetTV and I'll show you the step by step procedure on how to install Swiftstreamz to access both local and international channels for free.

03 December 2020

Are Cheap Antennas Compatible With The Boost Even CAT6 R281 Modem?

In our quest for faster and more stable internet, more and more people are inquiring about putting external antennas to prepaid wifi modems. My assumption is that unless you put an outdoor antenna like a MIMO antenna or a YAGI antenna, the internal antenna of the modem would perform more or less the same as the cheap external antennas you can buy online. I'll try 4 different cheap antennas on the PLDT Boosteven CAT6 R281 modem to see how well they perform or if they even are compatible.