03 December 2020

Are Cheap Antennas Compatible With The Boost Even CAT6 R281 Modem?

In our quest for faster and more stable internet, more and more people are inquiring about putting external antennas to prepaid wifi modems. My assumption is that unless you put an outdoor antenna like a MIMO antenna or a YAGI antenna, the internal antenna of the modem would perform more or less the same as the cheap external antennas you can buy online. I'll try 4 different cheap antennas on the PLDT Boosteven CAT6 R281 modem to see how well they perform or if they even are compatible.

By the way when buying antennas, make sure that you have the right connector. For the Boosteven R281 and many of the available prepaid wifis today, the external antenna ports are SMA.

First antenna to try is the most common antenna available. These are the same antennas you find on most huawei routers. I got this for Php75 each but infortunately they are not compatible with the Boost Even R281. And just to check if the antennas are working properly, I installed the antennas to my Globe CAT7 modem and both were detected.

Another popular external antenna for prepaid wifis is an omni directional antenna with magnetic base. I got this one for Php115 again from lazada. Just like the first antenna, this is also not compatible with the Boost Even R281. Again just to check, this is antenna was detected by my Globe CAT7 modem.

Next antenna I'll try is this 28dbi 4G antenna. This is a bit more expensive than the first two antennas, I bought this antenna for Php215 from lazada. Sadly, there was no change in antenna status. This antenna however, works on my Globe CAT7 modem.

Last antenna to try is a cheap MIMO Antenna I got from shopee for Php587 pesos. This is expensive compared to the first 3 antennas we've tried but it's far cheaper than the Globe MIMO antennas for sale online which fetches for at least Php1,200. It's also not detected on the Boost Even modem. And again to check, this antenna works on my Globe CAT7 modem.

Unfortunately all of these antennas are not compatible with the Boost Even R281 modem and I hope this saved you from wasting money on antennas that are not compatible with your modem. So far, from what I've seen in the forums, only the MIMO Antenna from Globe and other outdoor antennas such as an LPDA or a YAGI antenna works with the boosteven modem.

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