04 December 2020

FREE Local And International Channels On Any Android Device [Smartphone/Smart TV] with Swiftstreamz]

A few months ago I made a video on how to get free cable channels on any android device through the Live NetTV app. The app has a lot of channel selections but I noticed that Philippine channels would often be incomplete. I found an alternative to Live NetTV and I'll show you the step by step procedure on how to install Swiftstreamz to access both local and international channels for free.

To install on your smartphone, just go to www.swifstreamz.com using your phone's browser and download the app. (.apk). Once downloaded, just install it and you'll already have access to different local and international channels. Just make sure that installing unknown apps is allowed on your phone's security settings to make sure that swiftstreams will be installed.

Installing on your smart tv is a bit more complicated. Since swiftstreamz is not available on google play and you cannot download directly to the device, for instance I'm using a xiaomi mi tv stick, so we have to be creative to install the app.

First you'll be needing 3 things:

1. A cellphone or laptop

2. A Google Drive Account

3. X-plore App

Watch the video below for the step by step instructions:

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