21 January 2021

Converting To Converge [From Prepaid WiFis to Unlimited Fiber Internet]

I have tried almost all of the prepaid wifis available on the market today. What I love about these wifis is the instant connectivity, just plug it in, find a good signal and you're good to go! What I dont like about these prepaid wifis is the inconsistency of the speeds, you may get 20mbps now and get less than 2mbps the next minute. Being LTE based, the connection is also prone to disruptions as what i'ved experienced and what others are also experiencing regardless of the modem.

This prompted me to apply for a fiber internet and after more than 2 months of waiting, I finally got connected with Converge. So I'll share with you my experience with converge, from application to installation, and it's pros and cons comparing it to prepaid WiFis.

I am somewhat ok with my prepaid wifi but what triggered my shift was when I ran out of data and had to reload again immediately just to resume a meeting. The final straw was when I experienced disconnection every 5 to 10 minutes or so with my CAT 6 PLDT prepaid wifi.

There are currently 4 options for fiber internet in Manila: Globe, PLDT, Sky fibr, and Converge. If you look at their plans, Converge and Sky provides the best value, offering higher speeds compared to Globe and PLDT for the same price.

I tried applying to all but from the outset, both Globe and Sky are not available in our location and only left me with pldt and converge as options.

Pldt fiber has a no cashout application while converge has an initial fee of Php1,500. With pldt i tried applying through an agent but got turned off when the agent asked for my mother's maiden name on top of other personal details. Later I found a link to an authorized company and submitted my application there. And after almost 2 months I received a text message telling me that only DSL is available in my location. Php1,299 for 5mbps? No thanks.

With Converge, I applied through their website, convergeict.com, last August 17. Filling up the form is easy and after submitting the forms I received instantly a confirmation email and proceeded to pay the initial cash-out of Php1,500 using BDO Online.

After a couple of weeks I received regular status updates both on texts and email. These messages are basically automated messages telling me that my application is still on queue. Surprisingly, I received a call before October ended telling me that a technician will call me to schedule a visit. A week passed and then on November 8, our doorbell rang and it was Converge ready to install.

Installation was quick, it took 3 guys only around 30mins to install cables from the main street to our house and connect the modem. What you get is a huawei dual-band wifi router. I immediately took a speedtest and it was at 25mbps on both DL and UL speed. Speeds are also consistent throughout the day regardless of peak or off-peak hours. Plus I can watch tv series or movies all day without worrying about my data consumption.

I've now been a converge convert for a month and so far I experienced 2 interruptions that's why I'm glad I still have prepaid wifis as back-up. The interruptions were disappointing but It wont change my perception of Converge as a reliable internet service provider. After all, PLDT internet infamously went down recently that online classes had to be cancelled. Converge is also known to have poor customer service but let's face it, who does? Facebook and twitter are filled with similar complaints on Globe and PLDT.

To conclude, applying for a unlimited fibr plan is the way to go if you are a heavy user or if you're just looking for a fast and stable internet. If you can shell out Php1,500 a month then I would recommend the 25mbps plan of Converge. I also noticed from the forums that the company has significantly improved the waiting time for installation, with some agents promising next day installation. Lastly, it is still advisable to keep a prepaid wifi available just in case your internet is down which happens from time to time to all internet service providers. If Globe's signal is ok in your area, I suggest for you to buy a Globe prepaid wifi and change the sim card to a GOMO sim so that your data wont expire and you dont need to load everytime you need to use it.

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